June 30- Transformation Journal Update

Hello dear June and farewell,

I have promised to write for three months, April to June. Here is my starting point, at the beginning of April:

After having been insulted by a wannabe boss, I decided to change myself in order to get a real job and true love.

 April to June.

 In Paris where I actually live the last years”

A post a day. I succeeded to fulfill the promise to myself, even if, sometimes, I was one or two days late in finishing my posts.

Blogging, has been in itself a fulfilling experience. I shared feelings and instants of my everyday life. I took some distance from them and from myself.

Is there a result after three months soul-searching?

Yes. There is a tangible result, a miracle, I wrote about on June 27: I passed the first step of a selection for the funding of my project. This is great for me and unexpected!

Now, how about love April? You could ask me. Well, I have fallen in love! No, I don’t have a concrete “result” this time, but this feeling is already precious! I might have been fantasizing a little bit, but just a little and it was fun. It kept me in a good mood, so no matter what B does, he has been a source of inspiration for some time!

I have also realized that I love my life in Paris. I have had a lot of fun these three months and I am grateful for it 🙂

Before sharing these thoughts I might have had a tendency to focus on the difficulties to reach my goals. By writing something that is open to others, I focused on the things that could inspire me everyday. And enjoy more the journey.

Should I end this blog after this three month period?

At the beginning, I meant to share my thoughts only with two good friends.

But after a while, this blog became a platform that allowed me to meet new friends, wonderful people, and I have interacted with some of them.

Thank you so much for following, reading and helping me to transform!


P.S. I am not writing in this kind of diary, but it is very tempting!



June 29- Real and Ideal life

Dear June,

this morning I went to the café where some new friends meet. There were some new acquaintances, friends of friends, who started talking about … dating! Yes, again…

I fell into an interesting conversation between a woman in her mid-thirties and a man in his forties, both good-looking. He was criticizing a friend of his who always goes where his date wants to. According to him, an ideal date is a girl who follows where he wants to go. And who is good-tempered. And beautiful. The only problem according to him, was that beautiful women seem to be “capricieuses”, capricious, meaning that they have their own mind.

After asking a few questions I left because I wanted to have lunch in another place. I was capricious also in a way.

In my next stop I joined some old friends. We were studying together and we have managed to keep in touch. Some of them have become functionaries, or have their own practice as psychologists. Another one created a business, and a third continued studying and is teaching at the University. However, almost none was satisfied with what they were doing. Most of all, they had a feeling of injustice, comparing themselves with others who seem to earn much more, with less qualification. Still, they seem to have advanced a lot since the last time we met.

I also had a difficulty to follow the conversation, because I don’t really earn “enough” and don’t have a salary right now. I have just found a way to get through it for the moment.

But I love what I do. And I have faith in life and in the future.

Is there an ideal man, an ideal job and salary?

And how do we become the ideal match for them 😉