October 24, 2022- To be close or not to be close?

Dear October,

don’t ask where I have been these last times, and I won’t ask you either… actually, let’s pretend we run into each other in our morning walk in the park, in the same way as I run into Mr. S, my former landlord. And his dog. We were happy, with some small feeling of guilt on my side, for not having inquired about the existence of any bill. But apparently, there wasn’t any. So much the better.

So let’s continue our relationship where we left it: in London.

Here I am, dear October, with many changes taking place both in the country, in the world, and in my life. A New head of state, changes everywhere. Nice changes happening in my life.

But this is not the moment to start my confidence.

I would like to ask your opinion: how do you keep the right kind of distance from people at work or with your neighbours so that you have a smooth relationship?

The kind of place where I live is like a hotel: a lot of different people and habits, and somehow some grudges came up in my discussion with a new friend. It seemed that by acknowledging these grudges the place seemed full of them. It is like when you agree on some negatives they seem to become more important.

And then I kind of regret starting the conversation. By acknowledging something we made it more tangible.

How to get out of a gossiping state of mind and dissipate anything negative I might have said or accepted to hear about?

By making a list of positive characteristics of the people I have criticised- including myself.

So here we are:

K is picking a fight easily but she is also emotional and good and goes the extra mile for those who are her friends

L might be a cold fish and flirt with all women but is also someone with good conversation and culture

Or something of the kind

How do you get along with the other months, October?