February 22nd, 2020- Dream Life and how to face bullying at work

Hello February,

dreaming is some times difficult when your work is not appreciated and you get bullied by a hierarchical superior.

As a new person in my job, since September, there were a lot of things to learn, and I was not perfect, especially with small details, admin stuff and other technical issues. Or my confidence was not at its highest point.

And here was that “colleague”, at a superior level hierarchically, making my life difficult from the very start. Looking for mistakes and exaggerating them, not forgiving anything which was not absolutely perfect.

Until she confronted me with insults two days ago.

I didn’t answer back, but felt sick the next day.

Because I felt trapped.

On the one hand, I needed this job, financially speaking.

On the other hand, I felt that the environment is toxic.

It’s not a question of being perfect, but there must be a margin to adapt and make mistakes if you want to learn and correct them.

So, how can I feel that there is an opening at the end of the tunnel?

Hmm, I need to consult possible mentors.

And create bridges with other people and with other jobs.

And most of all, believe there is a way out of it, towards a place where I will be appreciated for who I am and I will be happy to be part of the team!

A toxic coworker is like an energy vampire.


February 7, 2020- How to feel when encountering a roadblock

Hello February,

I just felt down because I have almost encountered a roadblock. I was late to submit a funding application for a project and I might not afford to go there by myself.

On the one hand, I feel guilty for not having prevented it, on the other side there is a feeling of overwhelm with all the dates, and other things happening into my life.

How to be on top of that without constantly following a crazy and meaningless program?

Well, I will try use Siri in my iPhone more. When I see a deadline I should right away make a note on my calendar instead of thinking about it.


And change my mood. Feeling bad about myself is not the way.

Yes, I self-sabotaged because I was waiting for someone else to say I could do it.

Or the perfect occasion.

Or, to ask people to stretch for me and get a feeling they care.

Or, all of it together.

Now, let’s assume that and continue.

I will definitely read again David Allen’s book which I put aside.

And change my mood.

Give a big hug to myself for doing so well.

Yes, I deserve this!

And YES I CAN!!!

Image titled Be in Your Happy Place Step 9

February 2, 2020- Let’s get lucky this month and “get things done”!

Wellcome February,

2nd day of the 2nd month of 2020, and all those 2s make me want to accelerate and get lucky!

I had coffee, I crossed paths with a charming neighbour and I worked seriously and unproductively during the day. Then, I bought “getting things done”, by David Allen, and decided to try his suggestions on productivity.

When my reals self wants to run wild in the woods, revolt against any type of obligation and challenge anyone who might try to oppress my creative energies.

Hmm, all that when I need to re-do some of the work I did last month because I didn’t exactly follow the criteria.

Well, I am reading it, so that I get things done and most of all I get dreams into reality