February 29, 2016: A special day of the 60 day challenge: Seize the Day!

Hello and good buy dear February,

thank you for this extra day and I promise to make the most of this time-gift 🙂

Even if you start late, there is still time to change mood, to create a beautiful memory, to make an important call, to kiss someone 🙂

I found this beautiful journal with a special message for this bonus day:



30 days since January 27: a 60 day challenge :-)

To celebrate 30 days of the 60 day challenge, I reblog this post in order to remind myself of the objectives I have set 😉 … and taste a small piece of chocolate!


april4june6: A journal of self-tranformation

Hello January,

we didn’t have much time to chat, but I have to say I am grateful for the nice things that happened into my life already. But I feel I need something to boost my energy and raise my mood. It has been two days since I came back to London and yesterday I had a presentation of my artistic project in the new platform. It seemed to go well.

So why a 60 day challenge? To bring a quantum leap, to put me in a new dimension and dynamize my 2016 year! What does this challenge include?

a. Self love, talking nice to oneself, feeding me well (not just chocolates and cakes)

b. Love for others, romantic love included.

c. Great projects that make me feel passionate. I have this MEGA project and feel I should find like-minded people to make me go a step further

d. Taking…

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February 26, 2016: day 30 out of 60 day challenge for a quantum leap-update :-)

Hello February,

today I have arrived at the middle of my challenge for a quantum leap on my personal and professional life! 30 days have passed and an update is needed. Where are you April? I may ask myself. How does it go so far?


Well, it has been a challenging but rewarding period. Being in London means for me doing things faster than in Paris, but I mark a pause-cafe from time to time. Because, as the Chinese have said:

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished”

Taking my time, to look around into people’s faces and emotions might be a luxury, but it seems to me the only way to be an artist

Where Do You Find Your Inspiration?

February 25, 2016: day 29 out of 60 day challenge- on emotions

Hello Feb,

I take the liberty of calling you like this because you have been around for a while. Yesterday I was wondering if I was falling in love. Today I realized that I put the wrong date on my blog-post, another sign that my emotions are upside-down.

Is the object of my attention and the cause of the lack of focus worthy of this honour?

It is too early to say.

But in any case, emotions are valuable, and falling in love is a hell of a way to feel human, alive and … ready for spring-time 😉

February 24, 2016: day 28 of 60 challenge day- Is this LOVE?

How are you doing February,

well, I have a certain feeling of restlessness, combined with some sort of uneasiness and self-consciousness, when i think of a certain man. And after examining the symptoms I came to the conclusion that this could be … the first step of falling in LOVE!

Yes, is it because of St Valentin, or the 24 of February that is celebrated in Roumania as a day for those in love?

I have no idea, it could also be the influence of all these hearts hanging around in stores everywhere in London, LOVE written in every possible advertisement that you finally get it!

And yes, I went out for a drink with someone interesting. Someone I had almost met a while ago while I was looking for a place to stay in London. The thing is we had only spoken on the phone. He had a nice voice and we got along well.

But actually we never met in person. We kept in touch for four months and every time we were to meet something was coming up. You might object: come on April, this is typical of you. We spent a lot of time with your romantic love-affaire at the Parisian café. A lot of virtual ink and pages went by, and still, no action. Even in the 19th century things would have gone faster. So, please don’t tell us you fell in love with a voice.

Ok, you have a point, but this time I actually met this person. The thing is, is he interested, romantically in me?

To be continued…


February 22 and 23, 2016: day 26 and 27 out of 60 day challenge- I meet a writer!

Hello there February,

I was having some coffee and lucky me, I came across a book presentation! A best-selling Irish author, Sinead Moriarty was presenting her new book, “The way we were”. To be honest, I didn’t know who she was, but decided to buy her last book and I got a dedication from the author herself!

Now, do you want to know if I read it? Or if I like it?

Ok, I will try to answer in an honest, April-like way.

I liked a lot her idea of a plot. The father of a happy family decides to take a professional assignment in Africa, gets kidnapped and the family thinks he is dead. They reorganise their lives and then, the father comes back in flesh and blood. What happens next? Aha!

I also liked the way she presents different people’s emotions. It rings so true.

I also loved her dedication at the beginning: ” to all aspiring writers”, it felt so personal!

In any case thank you Sinead 🙂



February 20 and 21, 2016: day 24 and 25 out of 60 day challenge-the fountain of Youth

Hello February

have you heard the legend of the fountain of Youth? Apparently, the Greek historian Herodotus is the first to mention it. Somewhere in Ethiopia there was a mythical place where people lived at least up to 120 years. They were good-looking and  fit.

How do I know about this? From Wikipedia of course. I googled it.

Now how come I write a post concerning the fountaine of Youth? It is because I was dragged to the cinema by a Spanish friend to watch Zoolander 2. And the fountain had an important role to play there. Should you go and watch the film? I honestly don’t know what to say. But I thought the idea of the fountain and all the people in fashion -and not only- going crazy for youth and good looks is somehow relevant.

Youth and good looks remind us of life. Somehow, part of ourself regenerates every day, that is how we are alive. If we get hurt, we can get well. Physically and emotionally.

So we all have a fountain of youth in our reach 🙂

Photo: Fountain of Youth illustration


February 19, 2016: day 22 out of 60 day challenge: I have finished a plan for my next book!

Dear February,

it is almost 21.00 and all the reasonable Londoners are at the pub. What am I doing in front of a computer? Well, I think I have finished the plan of my next book. Isn’t this something to sacrifice the pub for?

You might object. Comme on April, you don’t even like beer. And you are not a pub addict, not yet.

Yes, but how about my social life? Do you think i will meet any new person if I stay at the deserted Platform on a Friday night?

Well, I will try to catch up tomorrow!

Now, I haven’t read yet this book, but the title seems relevant 🙂


February 18, 2016: day 21 out of 60 day challenge- should I trust my feelings?

Hello February,

should I trust my emotions regarding a person, or my head? Or just give more time? I refer to people of course, potential love interests, friends, colleagues…

Sometimes people might seem nice and we start hanging around. Then there is an uneasy feeling about something. I say, may be I was picky that day. Then I find this feeling again. If this person doesn’t make me feel good should I withdraw? Where did the likeability go?

Is there something in the recipe which is not so good or should we try again?

You see, in London, I don’t know so many people, so I jump at the opportunity to make new friends and acquaintances. But spending time with just anybody, might not be the best thing for either.

We should make each other feel good most of the time no?

What would you say?

Feelings Are Much Like Waves We Cant Stop Them From Coming But We Can Choose Which One To Surf - Feeling Quote


February 17, 2016: day 20 of 60 day challenge- afternoon tea at Covent Garden

Dear February,

after having worked for hours on my project with a Roumanian and a French artist, I only want to share my afternoon tea-time. The Roumanian artist, who is a 40 something year old, has lived for a while in London and she suggested a place for tea. She is working part-time in a cosmetics company and the rest of the time she writes.

In any case, she took us to BB bakery for our afternoon tea, and we looked a little bit like these three characters in the photo. I would be the one in the middle holding a macaron, only that I chose a macaronpistache” and I had a lot of fun: “Amidst the hustle and bustle of busy Covent Garden is the relaxing sanctuary of BB Bakery. Come here to relax with a coffee and cupcake before you hit the shops or stop for high tea or even a bite to eat before your evening out”.

There is something very girlish and playful about this place which is just what I needed to get away from the hustle and bustle of my serious every day life 🙂

Afternoon Tea