October 28, 2020- Making time for what is important, day 6-

Hello there October,

you know what? Today I had a nice feeling in my workplace; I should say, in front of my computer, as we were Zooming with my colleagues in London. What was the feeling? That I might have found a group of nice people to work with.

It is a feeling I got as we were presenting ourselves holding a cup of tea or coffee, and talking about what it is like to start a new job from a virtual office and meet the colleagues from a distance. During the pandemic.

A workplace with friendly people is one of the most relaxing feelings, like the one you have when you return home and take of your shoes.

This feeling expanded, and ended up forming a smile on my face 🙂

Make time for yourself, you are important

October 26, 2020-Making time for what is important, day 5- an energising breakfast

Hello October,

with the autumn well installed, Halloween approaching and the pandemic lurking, it is important to focus on what is important:

Is it the same thing everyday?

This is a new week and I admit that I started unfocused and with a low mood despite of being up early and doing some exercise;

I somehow need to focus on what is the most important and do something about it, as well as what is important for the short and medium term

Keeping well, finding pleasure in everyday life- well I focused on relaxing, having chocolate and checking out if I need an extra vitamin and a piece of chocolate.

Yes, there are emails waiting for me to answer, but it was more important to advance with my creative writing and to make sure my energy level is higher: maybe I should think seriously about getting rid of sugar 🙂

Ok, so I decided to exchange the coffee and cookie in the morning with something more substantial like a smoothie with protein and fruit; let’s see how it will go!


October 24 and 25, 2020- Making time for what is important, day 3 and 4

Hello there October,

yes, I have made time this weekend, to get an almost strawberry red colour for my hair and to call my friends; did I meet them? not exactly, it was last minute, after I finished some work stuff. I also got in touch with a friend-acquaintance who might have split from his horrific girlfriend.

So yes, I have made time for something else.

I have almost adopted a new cat. Almost, because in reality, the cat adopted us since May. I was in denial and refused to feed him properly. Until I realised he will be around anyhow, it might be better to acknowledge the fact and become properly introduced.

I have made contact with a couple of friends who were close before my last personal crisis, but then, it didn’t feel as if I could count on them.

What are you doing with friend-acquantances? Who are these people? Those who talk to you and invite you when you share the same lifestyle and then if there is a change, downward or too much upward, they don’t sociaize with you. Downward, more than upward, by the way. And when things are ok again, they are there, pleasant, interesting, and overall, pretty much decorative.

In this case, I think it is better to treat them with respect, and limit the acquaintance to a morning newspaper in the tube; it is good for the ride, but you don’t take it home with you.

Lessons I have learnt in life, October.

Forgive, but do not forget 🙂

learn to forgive, but don't forget the lesson - Post by itsBroStinson on  Boldomatic

October 19, 2020-Making time for what is important, day 2

Hello October,

yes, I did go to sleep half an hour earlier, but the cat woke me up at 4.30, probably because she wanted to play. Result, I slept until 8.00, but that’s ok.

Next thing, to waken up my spirit also, not just my body, moving around the house; did I have fruit? kind of… I had some leftovers of yesterdays’ cake.

Let’s get some fruit now, as I am writing; yes!

ok I just had an orange and a banana.

So, let’s go for a sugar free week, with some slight exceptions of 70 per cent dark chocolate; Sugar light week?

So, what is important? Taking care of ourselves, and feeling we deserve to be healthy, prosperous, with our most important needs fulfilled…

Getting some help hasn’t hurt anyone either… from our friends, in any form they come… per

October 18, 2020- Making time for what is important, day 1

Hello October,

yes, I am the person who promised to wake up at 6.30, who said I would go to sleep at 23.00 and yet, I am also the one who watched the “Queen of the South” on Netflix until 3 in the morning. I am also the person who wanted to do a sugar-less weekend. And who had cake instead. The one who wanted to journal everyday. I am keeping this promise, but I am also using traditional pen and paper.

What about my job? My love-life? My book?

Everything is advancing. I keep pretty busy, and I will stick to my objectives, even if I have to start again and again. I have also succeeded in many things, and one of them is to keep in good mood.

So this is great!

Yes, more energy and focus could be great also. Do you think it’s the sugar? I might try desert on Sunday and focus for a sugar-free week instead. Just to promise myself something special for the weekend.

And now, let’s get back to writing for the chapter I have promised to finish,

Good day to you too, October

October 5th, 2020- Making time for what is valuable- journaling for 33 days

Hello October,

one month in the new job, and I pinch myself because I am doing fine 🙂 yes, there have been occasional mistakes, stress, or insecurities, but despite all that, I feel lucky and grateful to integrate a fantastic group of people!

Yes, it is kind of strange to start it from my parents’ home in the South of France, where I try to make space for myself after many years living by myself in a quasi-adult, quasi-independent way.

What I found out is that things are not always what they look like. When I was away, I was struggling between jobs, and occasionally, I ended up asking for my family’s help at the end of the month.

Now that I am back, I have a more regular job situation, but COVID19 sent me back home, since I work online and play with the cat.

Is this challenging? Yes, in a way, since I am an insider and an outsider at the same time. Old friends have their own rhythm, conversations some time are on things I ignore, and the pandemic doesn’t make socialising so easy.

Nevertheless, this new situation has been a tremendous opportunity to focus on what is valuable. And to do it in a different way. It is time to evaluate priorities and to find new ways to socialise and to connect.

Going around with a mask and speeding back home to disinfect is not the best way to make new friends; maybe I can invest more into online friendships?

In any case, I will go back into journaling, and today I feel proud to have waken up at 6.30, although half of the credit goes do the cat 🙂

So I intend to write everyday, let’s see how it goes!

A time turner might be handy

Time Turner Special Edition - Harry Potter