May 31st, 2021-How to transform a challenge into progress?

Hello May,

yes, you are about to go and I come to you with this big question! I see myself in a situation feeling overwhelming, dealing with my mother’s health issues. She is calling me non stop during my work from home and I can’t find anything I could do to ease her feeling of pain, emotional or … and a series of doctors have visited already…

When not knowing what else to do, what do you do? How do we preserve ourself and find the best possible solution and a feeling of serenity?

Breathing and listening to a TED talk:

Elisabeth Gillbert in her talk “it’s ok to be overwhelmed”, says that when we let the fear go and let the intuition talk to us.

Another solution I found online was to “load my truck” more, in Benjamin Hardy’s TED talk.

How to get to the next step?

Maybe reach out to people who have been through similar experiences and learn from them.

I have spoken to a friend, it has been kind of helpful, but I feel I need some specialist advice. I will look for someone who can give me an answer.

There is something I find very useful: the idea to show compassion and act without letting the pain take over and become another patient.