December 19- In the middle of the night

Dear December,

do you want to know what am I doing awake in the middle of the night? I had another project to submit for funding, and as a last-minute person I ended up some minutes before midnight at the post-office of the Louvre. The one that is always open.

As I was running around, putting everything together and adding the last touch, I walked on christmas tree branches that fell when a neighbour transported it a real tree earlier. This brought me back to reality. It’s Christmas! Isn’t celebration more important than all the projects of the world? If we don’t have the time to stop and play,love, meet friends and family, what is all about?

Ok, projects and ideas count for me. I have to admit it.

But I also want to celebrate and be kissed by a gorgeous crazy in love with me, man. At least one.

As I was coming home after midnight I took a taxi, too tired to try the last metro. The driver was listening to a radio program where a woman was explaining how she run again into an old flame of hers. And fell in love with him again. He explained to her that he had feelings for her, but years ago he had to raise a young child; he was not open to a serious relationship.

The driver commented that people bring everything to themselves, in a philosophic way.

Was it a good idea for this woman to get back with her ex? Is timing perfect for them now?

And what do we learn from their story, as midnight Parisians, walking, driving and living in the city of light?




December 18- What can you do as an outsider?

Dear December,

I presented a plan for a future art exhibition to some influential people and they seemed to find it interesting, but a bit “alien”. I often get this feedback. Now there are two options: should I try to find those who consider my projects “normal” and familiar, or train these ones?

I am not sure what is the best.

Maybe the best is to be clear about my vision and see how I find the necessary collaboration, partners, artists, and all that is necessary, no matter the place, time, etc.


Now, if both myself and my plans seem strange, I will need something more than becoming familiar to decision-makers. I need an extra ambitious plan to get ahead. The artists and planners (I was almost writing wedding planners) who are well-integrated, either were Parisians all along, or had a mentor who pushed them in. They don’t have to worry about that.

I came from a tiny village in the South of France, my family had nothing to do with the fancy artistic world, apart from the fact they are art lovers. So, in a very conservative place like the Parisian art world, either I will accept my fate: that of an outsider who is present at the margins and should be happy with it.

Or, I pass to Plan B. Not only change of perspective, but also change of scale.

How is this going to be possible?

I need Santa for this one too.

advantage of being an outsider

December 17- Am I angry with myself or…?

Dear December,

I don’t know if I feel angry with myself, with someone else or if I am just excited trying to swallow all this new information. Have you ever felt things are going fast and your feelings don’t have time to settle in your heart?

This is a little bit my day. It started when I learnt that I could have been eligible for a job, but I was told my profile was not adequate because the kind of artistic events I organise, didn’t count. And today, the very same person, who seemed well-informed, a senior artist, told me he would help out two other people who participated in my  small summer event.

After feeling angry at him, I started being angry with myself. Shouldn’t I have asked another person and not have taken his opinion for granted? Yes, I should have.

And the same for the people who are like the wannabe boss. Why did I let them take power they shouldn’t have? Maybe I enjoy playing the victim?

Then, I realized there is still time to do something in the next few days.

And decided to think outside of the box. People who want to rule inside the box, are tiny tyrants. If you take them out, they feel completely helpless, and you realize they couldn’t have harmed you anyway.

In the sun, the change of perspective is doing miracles!


December 16- A step closer

Dear December,

I feel I need motivation, some fuel, so I might do something today that my future self might thank me for: a haircut, to begin with. Now, of course, I will trust the hairdresser.

Something else my future self will like, is a good meal, with vegetables and fruit and not just cookies and chocolate. This will give me energy. And, and, I might go kiss someone to make their day 😉 I need to pick up a nice person or two.

For the rest, a lot of work for this last week, but my future self will appreciate that I also play!

How about you, are you doing something today your future self might thank you for?

Santa Claus Gift HD wallpapers



December 15- Change of Perspective

Dear December,

today I had a meeting with a mentor- he has been organizing successful events for several years, but has evolved a little bit in the margins of the art world that is very closed and codified. How do I know he is a mentor to be? He seemed sincere and not just telling me what I would like to hear.

Now, his main point was that I need to make a difference. Once we have been around a place for a while, we become taken for granted. People stereotype us in a certain way.

It is like a former hair-dresser. I wanted to have longer hair, and she was cutting them short. When I complained she said: ” I just can’t imagine you with longer hair”.

Now, I have long hair, and needless to say, I have lost contact with this lady and her salon for the last years.

Staying with the wannabe boss would have been criminal and I would have been responsible.

But how can we change in the eyes of those who are used to take us for part of the scenery? Let’s say for example, that I am known in the art world as a serious but kind of “amateur” organizer, with interesting ideas but not very high-flying.

How can I change this? How can I attract attention in a positive way?

I need something spectacular, but at the same time something other people can relate to. And something with perspective 🙂

Any ideas?

December 14- Love, the most important ingredient

Dear December,

As I am entering a busy week, professionally speaking, and felt stressed up despite my to-do lists and sub-lists. The situation after the last meeting with the wannabe boss has left me suspended without any concrete prospect.


But, all of a sudden, I had an epiphany: ok, April, all these things are important. (By the way, I have already filled several printable lists for Santa Claus).

But what is my number 1? The most important of all?

Love. Love is the no 1 ingredient for a celebration. THE thing to make us smile.

It would be great to have a family with young children, to celebrate with, but I can’t produce one in a few days. Maybe I can borrow someone else’s. And a boyfriend that matches with them. A handsome guy with children? Divorced? Not too broken-hearted. Should I keep him after the holidays?

Being in love, sharing time with people we love, be around children, imagination, creativity, offer presents!

With or without means, letting love flow in forms of deserts, invitations, gifts, … kisses… fairy tales…

All the rest seems so secondary…


December 13- Preparation: for love, Christmas, …

Dear December,

preparing for Christmas is quiet a thing… and preparing for love?

If we go to a party, we usually prepare: our hair, clothes, …

If we invite friends to our place, we prepare something, (at least the table if we order!)

If we have a job interview or important professional meeting, also.

There is Advent to prepare for Christmas.

So why would love be different?

I am sleepy, so I will get to the essentials, after a quick search:

a.  Re-Learn Yourself: love oneself

b Get rid of all the dirty laundry (aka exes) that is no longer serving you. 

c. Create a life you adore

c Open to the mystery of life

What does it mean? Oh, you are asking too many questions December! I told you I had a long day. I can refer to an article, and will get back to it … tomorrow 🙂

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December 10- Do men search for control in a relationship?

Dear December,

I feel kind of puzzled after a discussion with a friend on relationships. She is older than me, and was insisting that in her experience, if a woman wants to be in a relationship she has to step back and give a man the first place in everything.

According to my friend, who is Spanish, men, at least in France need to feel superior to women. Women have to show them admiration, and show them they are the boss.

Ok, I have seen that happening at the professional environment, with older men, for example the wannabe boss. Especially those in a position of power who are not really confident on themselves and try to feel good by degrading their hierarchical “inferiors”. But not everyone is like that.

In relationships?

What if we do something that we consider worthwhile? Do we need to play it down so that our partner doesn’t feel threatened?

I don’t like this account, but in reality I don’t know if there is truth in it or not.

Let’s say that I don’t have enough experience in a long-term happy relationship.

Is it idealistic to believe that people can feel good together without having to prove that someone is the boss?

In this sense, dating a guy would be possible only if you have a “traditional” role where you don’t have any form of career. Be less than him in anything important… Hide your talents..

This has to do with comparison and not with opening our hearts. Is it how it works?

Why do we have to compete?

And then I got another advice from another friend, a man this time who told me on the contary to take initiatives in case I like someone. Invite him out for a drink for example. Normally he should be flattered. And then if he says nothing, at least I will be clear on that.

I also have a German friend, a man, who also advised me to be directive and not loose time. If someone doesn’t want to go out with me, it is because he is not interested in women 🙂

I feel inclined to believe him 😉 But should I?

man woman love.the relationships between men and women - stock vector

December 7- My new Boss

Dear December,

I have a new Boss, a wonderful person. Someone who believes in me and encourages me, although sometimes might be critical and want proofs of my competence. Someone who stands by me and wants to see me succeed not just for me but because there is something I need to accomplish for all of us. Because if I do something constructive and beautiful, even small, I contribute to universal happiness.

I have known this person for years, and we haven’t always been close. In the past there have been issues between us. This person might have even tried to sabotage me at some point. It was because of the insecurities and the difficulty to trust.

But now this person has more experience and learned from past errors. Learnt to lead and how to trust and believe in the team.

Believe without being complacent is something that raises our standards.

This wonderful Boss is myself 🙂

P.S. Thanks for the suggestions of what makes a great boss: I am going to work on those I haven’t already 😉

December 6- The final countdown before the year ends!

Dear December,

I have been feeling overwhelmed with all the goals and tasks and time lacking, but somehow, this should motivate me instead of stressing me. Before I leave everything up to Santa, I should try my best to be nice.

Now, no excuses, there are 24 days left, and miracles can happen in a second. But in case some effort is needed, there is still plenty of time.

The first thing would be to see what is the most important, and then, be ambitious, but realistic. But realistic doesn’t mean not believing in myself and going for something I don’t even like.

I have already tried this, and if there is no change, I don’t want to put myself through it

For example applying for a job that is not related to my passions because it seems a good compromise. And then of course I do it half heartedly and someone else gets it.

Or, forgetting why I ever joined the Platform- my passion for art- and spent my energy on imagining scenes with the wannabe boss getting what he deserves 🙂

So it is better to be honest with myself:

What do you really want April?

What do you think yourself capable for? If you want it badly, maybe you need to become good enough for your dream!

Eliminate secondary goals and pick up the most important!

Come on April, pull yourself together and think outside of the box!

Be Successful Step 1 Version 2.jpg