September 30, 2015- To new beginnings

Dear September,

this is your last day, and you are not the only one preparing to leave Paris. I am to pack my suitcase pretty soon and get to London!

Do I have a flat? I almost do. I managed to persuade a real estate agent that I am a responsible individual and to trust me with a two bedroom flat. This is why I look for a flatmate. To be honest, I can only afford half of it.

Then why not take a room in another’s flat? Because I didn’t like any of those I saw; and the studios on my budget were too expensive and ugly.

So I took a risk. Another one.

You are adventurous, told me the guy I met at the café on Saturday.

I had never thought of myself in that way. At least not when I have favorite hangouts in the city.

But he knew something about adventures, he had been travelling in 27 countries around the world.

You know what?

I would love to think of myself in that way 😉


September 27, 2015- Anyone wants to share a nice flat in London?

Hello September,

yes I did! yes I DID find a flat in London! Would you share it with me? Because it has two big bedrooms and it is too expensive for one person. So, anyone nice who wants to share a gorgeous flat with me, just get in touch!

I have been searching for the last three days and yes, I finally found something that is central and nice and I could call home for the next year to come!

Palace of Westminster, London - Feb 2007.jpg


“Palace of Westminster, London – Feb 2007” by Diliff – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.5 via Commons –,_London_-_Feb_2007.jpg#/media/File:Palace_of_Westminster,_London_-_Feb_2007.jpg

September 22, 2015- Playing football inside the bus

Hello September,

yes, I witnessed this scene where two 11 year olds used the bus’ corridor to play the ball; the bus was a bit empty, and finally nobody protested; after all, it is more fun when the bus bumps and turns than on solid ground.

That was distraction enough from my room hunting for my move to London, and the room renting for my place in Paris. I still haven’t told all my friends. But I have started telling my neighborhood. It somehow feels great to see that people in my neighborhood like me.

They are happy for my move though. London has something dynamic about it, and after all, I go for a year. I can be recycled to an even more dynamic and brilliant April. If this is possible!

New Love is waiting over there, I have been told. By David, author and clairvoyant.

So, I can stand a few less “pains au chocolat”.

Although London is full of them I am sure, in case I feel homesick 😉

Septermber 20, 2015- Old Love and New Love

Hello September,

I was expecting to meet up with a former collaborator Saturday night. Instead, another person texted me at 23.00 at night. Yes, yes, my café-crush! The guy  I flirted with once a week for a year or so. But things didn’t evolve much. He wanted to wish me all the best. He advised me to continue on my path and eventually reward will come.

This is all very sweet, I would have liked to add. I like that you appreciate me. But why don’t you invite me for a drink and hug me while you give this precious advice? How can you resist me? Is it his Old Love who had broken his heart three years ago still present in his mind and heart?

I asked him if he still thinks of this lady who made him suffer. He said it is all behind him, and is ready to turn the page. But he still gives everything to work.

Well, it was nice to text me, knowing I am going to London for a while. And we will not be able to play the café flirt-game any more. Where we look at each other as pre-adolescents and exchange smiles and witty phrases as part of the ritual. But I am still a bit confused regarding his way of acting. Why stay on the phone for an hour a Saturday night? Why did I?

May be I am ready to turn the page and start with a New Love 🙂

September 14, 2015- Renting my one bedroom cute Parisian flat

Hello there September

do you know anyone who would be interested in renting my furnished and cute Parisian appartement? Because as I have mentioned I am to go to London for a year, so I need someone in my place… yes someone nice and serious who will take after it …of course they can contact me for further details and pictures…

so here I am, running in all directions… it is exciting facing the unknown…

beautiful picture and idea found in:

September 10, 2015-Thursday Waiting for Love ;-)

Hello September,

As I am searching for flats in London, I came up this song of AVICII and completely loved it! So I would like to dedicate it to all who find something inspiring in it, and as the lyrics say, “Thursday, Waiting for Love”! Let’s wait for love not only on Thursday! Let’s love something, someone, ourselves, now, the past, the future, a nice dessert, a smile, a blog post!

September 9, 1915- April is looking for a flat to share in London!

Dear September,

Yes, you got it well, I am going to live in London for a year, starting from October, next month! Ideally, I would exchange my nice one bedroom flat in central Paris. My second best choice is to share a flat in central London. I am looking for a beautiful room, with some place to work on my book. And I plan to stay in London for a year.

So, please spread the word around. I am an interesting to have around, nice, non smoking person, …. very dependable, reliable, smiling, charming, etc.

How come I didn’t say anything before? It is because I heard about this opportunity to collaborate with a group of artists by the end of August. It seems to be a great team and I was convinced to leave my favorite Parisian cafés for a while and try some tea in London.

Right now, I feel a little bit overwhelmed, because I also need to rent my Parisian apartment. So, if you know anyone looking for a nice furnished flat at the St Germain area, close to… everything, let me know also!



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