April 27, 2022- Building up energy and Bullet journaling

Hello April,

yes, it is kind of better as I am COVID negative the last few days, but there is still a feeling of tiredness, and difficulty concentrating- this could also be the effect of spring or the hours I have been trying to decide what to watch on Netflix…

Today I started with a reorganisation of my agenda- all these things I haven’t been doing will be tamed and I will prevail!

Then I started reading something that will eventually lead to writing a piece- an article actually. And I think that I got an interesting idea as to how to structure the flow of my ideas…

Then, some family friends came by to visit my parents and I chassed the cat who was trying to eat the flowers. And no energy for anything else at 6.30 pm.

I should be thankful, and I am thankful indeed because this is already a big step forward.

And to congratulate me for my effort, I am going to offer some chocolate- there is an Easter chocolate egg which needs to be eaten right away.


April 26, 2022: 8-year Blog-a-versary!

Do you believe it April? 8 years of writing and blogging, for something that started as a three-month journaling, April to June of 2014! I was struggling with a wannabee boss at a part-time job, and there wasn’t one thing in my life that seemed to have some stability.

If change is the most stable thing, then changes I got throughout these years: change of country and working language, of scenery, of social circle, of pretty much everything!

Apart from the pandemic, some personal tribulations and being a carer for a sick parent,

And here I am today, recovering from Covid19, after having avoided it for two years and with three vaccine doses, to slowly start another blog year and to look forward to further personal development.

I have settled in London, renting a room in a kind of communal living, like a student’s residence, and most importantly, I got myself a permanent job in the midst of the pandemic!

Looking forward to the new blog year and to the new directions this blog will take!

Happy Anniversary “April4june6.wordpress.com”!