April 5, 2015- Happy Easter with the best of chocolate in Paris

Happy Easter April!

I picked up the photo of this wonderful “vitrine” all in chocolate to celebrate the day. If you want to learn more about Easter chocolate bunnies and eggs in Paris, check out the following site.

The truth is a lot of artists have worked to give their best, it is difficult to make a choice 😉


http://petitsbeguins.fr/top-5-vitrines-chocolatiers-paques-2014/Michel Cluizel - Vitrine Pâques Chocolat - Petits Béguins


November 2- Allow ourselves to feel good

Dear November,

have you ever felt guilty? Not doing enough of the things you should have done to honour your name? Not enough brown leaves, Not yet Christmas, if you compare to December.

Comparison with others, is something that I have already written about. But comparing to some imaginary standards that we impose to ourselves? That our family, friends, coworkers have?

When I was a child, I was feeling guilty because I was reading literature instead of studying for school. Or watching my favorite tv series. Or playing.

Pleasure was coming first. But, this pleasure was poisoned with guilt: I didn’t want to give up on being a serious student.

It is clear that for my parents, studying for school was essential.

Have I really changed?

Is it possible to both go all the way in the direction of our desires, and not feel dependable to someone else who expects something different of us?

When we live in society, things get complicated.

But feeling guilty for having fun, is not assuming who we are. Ok if our pleasure is self-destructive, like taking drugs, we should do something about it.

But what if it reveals our inner being?

Or we simply do something nice for ourselves? Do we have to justify it?

If I have too many expectancies of myself, I am never good enough, worthy to be loved; that is what it means.

As if I failed myself in an imaginary exam.

What if life were a birthday party instead of an exam?

Do we have to be worthy to get a birthday present?

I think we all deserve one.




October 23- Chocolate gratification

Good morning October,

I can tell you that I dedicated three hours a day to writing the last two days, and I feel proud of that. Don’t imagine pages and pages, but I have put down some thoughts;

How is my waking up early going to bed early plan?

Eh… improving. This is already good.

So what is the best thing to do next? Do you have any suggestions?

Sorry, can you repeat that again? A piece of dark chocolate? I deserve it?

Ok, if you say so!

What, you want to know what is my dream?

This is quiet a question, I can barely think and eat at the same time;

But, I wish I could offer every one a piece of good chocolate!

Just one 😉