April 27, 2022- Building up energy and Bullet journaling

Hello April,

yes, it is kind of better as I am COVID negative the last few days, but there is still a feeling of tiredness, and difficulty concentrating- this could also be the effect of spring or the hours I have been trying to decide what to watch on Netflix…

Today I started with a reorganisation of my agenda- all these things I haven’t been doing will be tamed and I will prevail!

Then I started reading something that will eventually lead to writing a piece- an article actually. And I think that I got an interesting idea as to how to structure the flow of my ideas…

Then, some family friends came by to visit my parents and I chassed the cat who was trying to eat the flowers. And no energy for anything else at 6.30 pm.

I should be thankful, and I am thankful indeed because this is already a big step forward.

And to congratulate me for my effort, I am going to offer some chocolate- there is an Easter chocolate egg which needs to be eaten right away.


January 11, 2021- day 7 out of 66- post-a-day: 2 imaginary life paths

Hello January,

so I start by answering a challenge: imagine two life-paths: one in a well-worn path, and the second, in the path less travelled.

This is based on Ryder Carroll’s suggestion in his “Bullet Journal Method”.

So, for the well worn-path:

  1. April stays with her parents until they are no longer physically there, she is a bit bored, finally starts dating a neighbour without being in love. When she can move back to London she does, but she takes the least possible risks. She gets to buy a flat and owes a cat.
  2. April starts a you tube channel embedded into her blog and an instagram account. She publishes ebooks and books, and gets to meet some people with common interests and passions. When she moves back to London, she is comfortable between her artistic work and her teaching art. She owes a home and lives with cats, dogs, humans and the love of her life. She can distinguish between people who want to grow and who are happy to see others grow and those who don’t. She gets away from the last species. She makes new exciting friendships. She meets a soul mate who is a loving and charming person and falls in love.

Ok, I like the second scenario better. In any case, there are cats in both.

September 28, 2020- How to stay on Top of the game in new job- planning

Hello September,

Back to school and grateful to have found a job in these challenging times… how do I stay on top of the game in this new place?

It’s exciting, but also scary in the sense that I want to do my best but also keep my balance and enjoy every day;

I will set myself a 33 day challenge to keep calm, focused, productive and have lots of fun!!!

Yes, it is possible!!!

And yes, I have other challenging situations to deal with as for example parents with health issues, working from their home after many years being away… etc.

How do we have fun every day no matter what?

A funny joke would do:-)

After an intensive week my nerves are stretched, so how do I keep my calm, motivation, productivity and creative vibe?

Some dancing could help, and not trying to fulfil everybody’s expectations

Dancing is great, you feel in synch with the rhythm of the universe 🙂

Some planning might also help 😉

Let’s see how it goes.