October update and new goals

Dear October,

I have concluded that I am all I want to become, and I love myself for my genius, laziness, creativity, tiger-like personality, sensibility, all of it!

So true love, I hope that I have felt it 🙂

I have a positive answer for my novel from a small but good publishing house 🙂 but they ask me to contribute financially to the publication and right now, it seems too much. The solution I found, is to have it accepted by a bigger publishing house. I sent it and we will see …

There is another answer I wait for, related to an artistic project’s funding; the answer should also come in November.

And after all, I have started working on a new artistic project that is close to my heart. And through that, I look for funding.

I have been in love during this period, but their seemed to be some conditions that blocked a happy ending… was it me? Maybe … But now I feel more ready for a complementary to me person. Someone I can share my dreams with and feel good effortlessly…

This is my goal for New Year’s Eve: be with the love of my life, and celebrate abundance, life and love!


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