September 30- Monthly Update

Dear September,

instead of goodby, I would like to summarize some important thoughts you have inspired to me!

a. I am living on a beautiful planet, member of a galaxy, that belongs to the universe

a. I need to follow my heart’s desire in order to be on the right orbit: writing to begin with and creating dreams that can become reality for me and others

c. I need the right environment to flourish; find the people for me, the context, the love, … in a way that they make me grow; those who don’t can simply fade away, they are not part of my story

d. I am a Tiger -among other things- capable to roar, but I also like to play and get some rest as a big cat.

Thank you September,

à bientôt 😉



September 29- The Tiger is back :-)

Dear September,

since I go through a Tiger period, I run into this wonderful poem of William Blake, -by chance?- and I would like to share it. So here it is, the Tiger as a force of nature:

THE TYGER (from Songs Of Experience)

By William Blake

Tyger! Tyger! burning bright
In the forests of the night,
What immortal hand or eye
Could frame thy fearful symmetry?

In what distant deeps or skies
Burnt the fire of thine eyes?
On what wings dare he aspire?
What the hand dare sieze the fire?

And what shoulder, & what art.
Could twist the sinews of thy heart?
And when thy heart began to beat,
What dread hand? & what dread feet?

What the hammer? what the chain?
In what furnace was thy brain?
What the anvil? what dread grasp
Dare its deadly terrors clasp?

When the stars threw down their spears,
And watered heaven with their tears,
Did he smile his work to see?
Did he who made the Lamb make thee?

Tyger! Tyger! burning bright
In the forests of the night,
What immortal hand or eye
Dare frame thy fearful symmetry?


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September 26- Career: how to face a provocative person?

Hello September,

I went to a cocktail at an art gallery, and I saw a woman who, I was told, could help me professionally because she works for a museum of contemporary art. In what way? To find a regular job!

I approached with my glass of wine, and introduced myself. We had a common friend who suggested I should get in touch with her for advice. Actually we had met in several occasions, but never talked before.

And there, bang! I was surprised to be attacked out of the blue: she told me she knew who I was. How  impertinent of me to dare address her in this informal style. I should sent her an email and then she might decide to answer or not.

I was surprised, so I muttered something like, eh, we don’t need to meet actually… and thought to myself, forget about getting help, it seems you’d better avoid this lady, April.

The thing is we are related to the Platform, my institution, so we will meet from time to time. She must be about three years older than me, but has a position that is stable and well paid in the art business. Why does she need to be nasty?

But I realize I can be a “menace” for her kind: I seem care-free from hierarchical struggle, and have a relative independence. I have the possibility to make choices, even if not always the budget that goes with them. Actually we do the same job, but I do it as a stressed free-lance, who doesn’t know what comes next, shes does it as a functionary.

Do I need her?

What I need is to get close to people who want to co-create, and forget false stability. I didn’t like to be part of an obedient hierarchy, I want to be free and creative. And respectful of others, of course. But respectful doesn’t imply being servile to those with more institutional power.

I need to focus on my project. This is an experience to help me realize: what do I really want from life? Recognition from this type of individual? Or some stupid revenge?

Well, pit bulls are not to be ignored or underestimated for their possibility to be troublesome.

But we can slalom around them 😉

P.S. I am apologize to pit bulls for using them as a metaphor for aggressive behavior …


Mikaela Shiffrin



September 25- September: a mini New Year’s Eve?

Dear September,

in French, going back to school is called “la rentrée”, the return. And there is something cyclical about it: you follow the rhythm of the seasons!  Summer means slowing down for some… in our hemisphere 🙂 It also means heat, holidays…

And then, in September schools open and we get serious again.

The rhythm is the same also for grown ups who have children, or who are in the education system.

Now, this is stimulating and also annoying at the same time: stimulating because you feel free to make a new start. Get a new notebook with white pages. And annoying because you might feel things haven’t changed as much as you would have wished, compared to last year.

In other words, September is a mini New Year’s Eve.

A time for an update, comparisons, decisions.

A time for an evaluation of ourselves and our progress, by our standards.

Are we in similar situations, for example, in terms of relationships? (That was my first objective as I started blogging, by the way).

And how about professionally speaking?

Does for example a relationship that ends, count as progress? Is it the intensity of the feelings that counts or the result? Is it growth not to make the same mistakes but instead make new ones?

Hmm, what do you think?

I personally will sleep on this and try to answer in my next post 🙂

September 24 – How to be a Tiger

Dear September,

I have committed in writing every day, so we will keep each other company for the next few days.

By the way, I sent my manuscript to a new publishing house and have a good feeling about it;

In this way I am moving in the direction of my heart’s desire. This action has fuelled up my motivation and chased the feeling of helplessness that was dwelling around.

I was picturing myself alone, misunderstood, with a mountain of challenges to face. Like a damsel in despair at the approach of a dreadful dragon.

The film “the Life of Pi”, released in 2012, that I watched recently, somehow inspired me: Pi, a shipwreck victim, is an Indian adolescent. He is stranded on a life boat with a tiger that was transferred on the ship, and he finds a way to survive in its  company. The film is extremely rich in meanings, but I will just choose a point of view relevant to my experience:

I dreamt of myself as a Tiger. There was another animal attacking me, and I was hopelessly trying to defend myself or make it go. Then, I had to come to a realization: I  can’t escape or win, as I am right now. I need to transform into something else, something more powerful. And there it was, I became a huge Tiger, roaring. That settled everything.

As a tiger, I need to change my eating habits. I think we eat on average six kilos of meet a day. Also sleeping hours;  and I need a territory to chase. But I will figure out everything.

The most important is that no Platform animal should come bother me if it is the moment for starters 😉

P.S. An interesting analysis of the film:


September 23- Autumn goal setting

Hello dear September,

I feel this is the perfect moment for an Autumn goal setting. How about a post a day for the next three months? Do I feel up to the challenge?

I think I will take it. My Autumn resolution.

The first decision I took today that made me feel proud of myself is that I went to the Platform. I have been avoiding it for the last two weeks I returned to Paris, for fear of running into the wannabe boss.

The Platform, in case you don’t know, is the loose network of artistic event organizers I am a part of. I am a star in this big constellation, but I have to find my own light and resources. The Platform is hosting me as a free lance organizer. The wannabe boss is the number 2 of the Platform. He hates my guts because I stood up to him in the past and  tries to push me out.

I was not sure I could face him the last two weeks, and having a cold -sneezing and feeling week- was not very helpful.

But as soon as I went there, I was happily surprised: a. he was not there and b. I found in my office a gift from an artist with whom I had worked last summer. It made my day!

Facing one’s fear could be facing the shadow of a big monster and realizing it was only a small child playing.

We need to go there and check for ourselves. I know now September, I am bigger than my fears.

And a post a day it will be for Autumn!




September 16- The Liebster Award :-)


Hey September,

did you know this blog has been nominated for the Liebster Award? I owe it to these two amazing bloggers :Finding Intoxication ( and Life or Fiction (

I feel honoured and extremely grateful for this award whose objective is to discover new blogs!

Now, you may well object, wait a second, why haven’t you followed the rules right away April? Finding Intoxication has already nominated you on August 9, where are the answers to the questions?

Ok, September, I was lazy in August, but I will make it up to her and will answer briefly both her questions and those of Life or Fiction!

Questions of Finding Intoxication

  • What’s your favourite quote?
  • My favourite quote is “love is the highest form of wisdom”
  • If you had to give a piece of advice to a large group of people, what would it be?
  • Make love, not war
  • How do you find your inspiration when writing?
  • I just start writing, I don’t know if it is inspired, but I enjoy it!
  • Tell us something you have done that you are proud of
  • I am proud of this blog because it gives me a writing routine to respect
  • If you could pick a job without any consequence to money, what would it be?
  • Writer
  • What is your favourite type of cuisine or dish?
  • I like grilled fish
  • If you met your 20-year-old self, what would you tell/advise him or her? If you are younger than 20, then you meet the 12-year-old you and the same question applies.
  • Be confident my dear! Talent is passion, not some kind of super-ability you are born with!
  • What is your best childhood memory?
  • One of my best memories, birthday parties with my friends and family!
  • What got you into writing?
  • I wrote my first poem when I was 7 year’s old
  • Apart from writing or blogging, what are your other interests?
  • Art, in its different forms, astronomy, love, cafés
  • What is a must read book according to you? ( Preferably a book that has perhaps gone unnoticed in the public eye or has been under appreciated)
  • My first novel, not yet translated in english (I am working on it)

Questions of Life or Fiction

1. What is your biggest fear?

That my fear outweighs my courage

2. What is your favorite holiday?

Travel in the Greek Islands

3. Where is your favorite place to be?


4. What is you favorite word?


5. Who is your favorite author?

Jane Austen I discovered when I was 14 and still love her

6. Why did you start writing?

I started writing at 7, it is a form of creating my world!

7. Who inspires you the most?

People with convictions, many friends, my family

8. Have you fallen in love more than once?


9. What is your favorite show?

I don’t watch tv if this is what you mean; I can’t manage to connect my “décodeur” at home

10. What is the most difficult part of the writing process for you?

Writing well?

11. What are you doing right now?

I am answering your questions and those of my café neighbors: they asked me if I am a pianist because apparently I write very fast 🙂

The Wonderful Bloggers I nominate:

I like a lot of blogs, but I spent more than an hour trying to find those with less than 1.000 followers, and blogs I haven’t already suggested for other awards; Here are my first suggestions that cover blogs on fashion, reading and writing, different forms of art, sport, and wisdom.

Sandra Danby:

Pomolio :

Linda Pano:


The kitchen around the corner:

Recycle Couture:


One Tusk

Jodie Paterson


My questions to answer:

1. do you think we should adept our demands to our means or the other way around?

2. What does writing mean to you?

3. What are you doing on a sunny day?

4. What future memory would you like to create?

5. Would you date yourself were you a person of the opposite sex?

6. What is success to you?

7. What does this award mean to you?

9. Make a wish

10. Fulfill someone’s wish

11. What is your favorite place?

I finish the post with the rules of the award:

– Thank your nominator and post a link to his/her blog.

– Display the award on your blog.

– Answer the 11 questions provided by the nominator.

– Nominate 5-11 blogs which have less than 1000 followers, and let them know they’ve been nominated.

– Make up and post 11 questions for your nominees to answer.

– Post these rules on your blog.

Thank you for this amazing nomination!


September 14- our Galaxy

Dear September,

this Sunday I have given a visit to the Palais de la Découverte at the 16 arrondissement in Paris. Different expositions present scientific discoveries in physics, mathematics, geology, and my interest, astronomy. Quite a program!

The Planetarium, simulated the sky at night if we were at 3.000 meters of altitude and a clear atmosphere. So amazing, so overwhelming! And somewhere, a small, less bright and clear spot, the galaxy of Andromeda, that we can perceive with our eyes; not very impressive without any appropriate instrument.

But so amazing to realize we are on this beautiful planet, that seems to me the most beautiful, and to be part of a galaxy, that is in itself a small piece of a much bigger universe!

Our planet is for the time being the most hospitable place for Life;

Life in all its forms, is actually so rare and precious in the universe!

It is worth preserving and protecting for us and the generations to come!

September 11- True love: loving oneself :-)

September dear,

What is true love to you? After all, the quality of our love for others is similar to that we offer to ourself…

Is it making oneself happy? How is this possible?

Is loving oneself fulfilling our desires?

Let’s say, I like chocolate, how much can I have? Even the finest chocolate becomes too much after a certain point… my favorite song, how many times can I listen to it? My favorite book, poetry?

Is loving oneself being better than, someone else, more powerful more beautiful stronger than?

Is it offering love and helping?

Is it pushing oneself to get better? Better than what?

Is it learning?

Is true love believing in oneself?

Is it developing oneself in relation to others and the world, expanding and learning what makes us grow: emotionally, spiritually, physically…

Listening to ourselves, and stretching towards unity?

Becoming part of a community that could include the whole world?

All of this and even more?


September 8- Looking into the mirror of my dreams

Dear September,

What is my heart’s desire? This is the question I tried to answer today.

I stayed home and this gave me the time to browse my past journals. (By the way, yes, I am an adict to journals in every possible form: paper, electronic, …)

It was as if I was looking into the mirror of my past dreams.

Here is what I realized about myself:

a. My dream number one when I was 20 was to become a writer!

b. Writing is one of the activities that give me most pleasure!

c. Writing a blog is already great!

d. Writing a novel has filled my heart with joy!

e. Publishing it is my next objective!

Somehow, my heart’s desire became secondary all these years because I was looking for an occupation that would give me a sense of material security. And becoming an artistic event organizer was the solution, but it has not given me the material security I was hoping for.

Don’t get me wrong September, I enjoy what I do. And getting to know artists and their work is a source of inspiration anyway.

But this occupation can only come second; fullfilling my no 1 heart’s desire shouldn’t keep waiting any more.

It is as if I didn’t expect to succeed in this and didn’t want to give it a try.

As if I were in love with someone I found too attractive, or great or … for me, so I would date someone else. Or not trying to live in my favorite neighborhood because it was not possible and I would look for an apartment in another area.

Why not simplify life and try for what I really like, instead of my second or third choice?

Why not say what I have to say, instead of waiting for others to guess it?

Why not use my internal compass to take my to the right direction?

P.S. Here is what Melody Nunez is suggesting in her interesting page, and I intend to try it (