June 24, 2017- Saturday, opening up a window of opportunity

Hello June,

how can I open a window of opportunity this Saturday?

I feel kind of sleepy after a warm week in London. Yes, I have been waking up early in the morning and a lot of things have advanced. New collaborations started, I got to meet new intersting people and I felt more productive.

On the other side, I am sleepy now and I was taken aback by a person who has been flirting with me and by the end of the week he told me he has a girfriend who comes back to town.

I felt angry.

Did I like him?

I am not sure, it was nice to have the presence, the continuous texting etc.

My ego was bruised a little bit.

Apart from that I have not felt a connexion that goes beyond feeling flattered and now, annoyed.

So, how can I let this feeling evaporate and feel confident in love and in my career?

How can I open a window of opportunity this Saturday?

I am grateful for attracting people. It is great this person is not available now because I myself focus more on my work and I don’t know where I will be in the next months.

Is it geographical distance something defining.a relationship?

I hope not.

Is love determined by where we live?

No, I would say.

We can meet someone on a trip and have a strong connexion, and then try to be together.


So, I am available.

Because I am trustworthy.

And instead of hanging around with people I am vaguely interested in, I can get myself where there is someone I find fascinating and I can fall in love with.

So, a window of opportunity is to be present myself in the relationships that count.





June 16, 2017- How to move from dream to reality :-)

Hello June,

I feel like a powerful artist right now, it is 7.00 in the morning, I am sleepy and I wonder if this is a dream or a reality…

Or both?

In any case, I feel jet lagged and some of the practical issues are still pending…

Wouldn’t it be great to have a personal assistant who resolves all these issues?

Maybe it is worth getting one!

If a book and a cup of coffee is enough to make me happy that could help to wake me up!

Résultat de recherche d'images


March 20, 2017- The Creative Side of our Brain

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”
~ Albert Einstein

Thanks to http://fictionwritersjourney.blogspot.co.uk, for this interesting insight as I was looking for Creative Chaos inspiration.

Order will follow, if we trust to jump into the unknown 😉



February 19, 2017-A place to write on a Sunday afternoon in London

Hello February,

I thought it would be ok to take my computer and go work at a Soho café on Sunday. Well, it was nice to change neighborhood and to see new people, but as for working, I should probably forget it.

It was small and crowded, with great coffee, though.

I even tried two or three others in the area, packed with people having the same idea.

What do I exactly look for?

A comfortable café with a lot of space, half filled customers. So that you can amuse yourself with other people but they aren’t too many and noisy to completely distract you from whatever you are doing.

A place which is not a well-known chain but something more personalised.

So I went to the Foyle’s café on the 5th floor of the homonymous bookstore.



February 15, 2017-Post St.Valentin celebration

Hello February,

after a friendly St Valentin looking at films, eating pizza with beer, lots of chocolates and talking about past ex-loves, I walk up with a mood today. So I checked my last two years St Valentine’s entries on this blog and saw I had a great time.

I need to change my mood and pick up a better one.

St Valentine, give me some help here!


February 10, 2017- Resourcefulness and Creativity for a Breakthrough

Hello February,

I am going around trying to define my breakthrough goal for the next semester, the one that will lift me off my feet. And I think I got it. I want to work for one of the most prestigious art institutions. Why?


Because it is like a meeting place for interesting people and resources.

It is where action takes place.

And where energy moves.

I want to get there.



January 14, 2017- 450 posts in this blog!

Hey January,

500 posts in this blog, it could have been a book with 200 pages I guess, so Congratulations are in order!

I will celebrate this the way I can, let’s for example get a nice coffee and see how blogging can bring my future self into the game.

Here you are April, two years and a half ago, you started this blog.

You were cool, and now you are cooler.

But this blog is not only to serve as a mirror, it is doesn’t only serve to count your accomplishments, difficult moments, goals, or anything else.

I know you say that to yourself January.

So, you feel overwhelmed? It is because you think with the old self limitations.

If there is something you need to do, you will find a way doing it.

If there is a will, there is a way!

January 9, 2017-Beautify 2017!

Hello January,

to kickstart the year in the best possible way, an idea is to contemplate beauty, or if there is not anything at hand look in the mirror 😉 we are a miracle, even when we just wake up in the morning.

If a way to attract luck is to make positive changes to ourselves, how do we recognise our secret talents and bring them to the surface? Something like super-heroes in becoming?

So we have inner beauty and secret talents, and we need somehow to bring them to the surface and use them for the common good: that is what superheroes and superheroines usually do. Ok, they might have a trauma they need to get over, but don’t we all?

You're Beautiful-CY193


October 8, 2016: Goals and fun time

Hello October,

you have arrived and I didn’t even have time for a warm welcome; juggling between things to do and getting my self esteem on shape in order to be up to the challenges I face.

So how do I keep calm and relaxed in the middle of the upheaval?

How do I stay focused and at the same time find a new pair of shoes and a vernis à ongles?

How do I know when I am available?

Should I date the person who waited on me at the coffee shop and show me working on my book?

All these questions and more to come in this busy month!

Make Time for Fun to be more Creative and Productive

September 19, 2016: finding a new flatmate and how to be LUCKY

Hello, September

on the 9th I started writing that I look for a new flatmate. Today I finish my text and a new flatmate has already appeared! I am so grateful!

In fact, things are moving in my life with accelerated rhythms, compared  with what happened to me only two years ago.

Things that used to take time happen much faster. But I also need to decide if I seriously start a new book and the effect this could have on my blog. Can I keep up the rhythm with everything?

Well, I have come to love the blog and my blog friends: the solution is, possibly, to write short texts.

And to become extra LUCKY.

I will dedicate the next posts to this EXTRA MAGIC LUCK and how to get more of it.

Please feel free if you have any ideas or recipes to share 😉