January 28, 2016- ways to meet love

So, January,

how do people meet? Through common connections, or friends? They go to school together, they work or practice the same sport?

And what if your colleagues are married or seriously in a relationship? Do you try to meet people randomly, through the internet for example?

Is age important?

I had a conversation with a friend from Poland. She was telling me she has always met her partners at the groups she belonged to: University, work, …

That a good couple should have a common origin.

But then, why don’t people of common origin always have a happy ending?

St-Valentine is approaching, and these questions need an answer.



June 28, 2016: Are you ready for love?

Hello June,

are you ready for love? I am in a test mood so I took this one, in Psychologies and apparently I am. So much the better. So one of these two guys really stand a chance 😉

Here it is, in case you want to try it yourself. I guess it means that you are open to other people, confident on your capacity to love and be loved, trusting that there is someone with whom you can be a match. Perfect or less perfect.

The next thing for me would be, ‘Are you ready for holidays’ and I almost know the answer!

ready for love


June 25 and 26, 2016: Love for Europe brings love

Hello June,

yes, this idea of the UK out of Europe kind of shook me as other Europeans, Londoners and pro-remain people.

But there was an interesting side-effect: this common concern brings people together. You see a gorgeous guy sitting next to you at the café, pub, … grieving for the loss … you join in with your grief to seek some kind of comfort… feeling the need to share emotions.

Is it a problem that he is a gorgeous blond with blue eyes? I didn’t even pay attention as the topic was so important… well he is working for a news program and he wanted to see how the other Europeans took it… so here I am today having coffee with him…

Will this collective emotion translate into something more personal?

It is hard to know right away; let’s see if we will meet again for drinks and more analysis!



May 27, 2016- In the mood for love

Hello dear May on your way to go,

the weather was beautiful in London and this has triggered a mood for love to me… and probably to these couples who were kissing on the closest park, to pigeons and to other forms of life…

So how was this mood canalized in my case? I have recently developed a romantic interest for a Portuguese artist. It has been before my trip to Paris. I knew him before and found him moderately attractive. But there was not a particular spark between us.

In the spring colours, something about him became more enchanting. Was it something he said or the fact that he got on my nerves? Difficult to decide. The truth is, we don’t seem to agree on many things. Then why do we hand around together?

Probably because he doesn’t know that many people and this brings expats together somehow. I don’t hang out a lot with other French in the same way as other people. And my workplace is multicultural.

So I had an argument with the Portuguese and now he is avoiding to look at me or to talk to me directly. Is this called sulking?

In any case he points himself in front of me just to show me he doesn’t.

Is this serious? Or even grown up?



March 13, 2016: day 37 out of 60 day challenge-should I try online dating?

Hello March,

here we are, close to the middle and I am running around like crazy with all sorts of errands… and my romantic life would need brighter colours now that spring approaches!

Yesterday I went for a drink with one of my new friends in London. He comes from Lille, a city in the Northern part of France and he has moved to London almost at the same moment as I did. This fact brings people closer, at least in order to talk about life. In his case, he is dating a girl from New Zealand he met through Tinder, the online dating platform.

He works in informatics and doesn’t have a lot of time to meet new people. In any case, he advised me to do the same. Of course, he couldn’t admit how irresistible I am and how unworthy of me he felt the poor thing.

In any case, I don’t know if I will take his advice. For the moment, I will try to find out how the locals, the Londoners do things, starting from my social circle.

Do you have any advice on the question?

Do you think online dating can be a positive experience if you are looking for real connexions with people?

Have you any experience on this to share?


March 6, 2016: day 34 out of 60 day challenge- should we rely on our partner?

Hello March,

should we rely on our partners on certain questions or not? There used to be a model where women were to stay at home and raise the children; so men were to deal with the family income and they relied on women for everything else. Later, they both work, or both partners are unemployed. And they both take care of the children or … or… or…

Is it reasonable to rely on someone else for certain questions?

Or being an adult means that each person should look after their own needs at 100%?

And before you have a family, at the level of the couple: would you, if you were a woman, like a man to invite you to dinner? Or would you consider it “passé” and invite him? Or split?



February 14, 2016: day 17 out of 60 day challenge- Happy Valentine’s day!

Happy St.Valentine’s day dear February!

here we are, in the middle of the month, with the spring waiting around the corner. And what is better than love to keep us warm, us, those who live on the north hemisphere?

Oh, love, I had a business meeting with a Japanese artist and his Iranian girlfriend, but this doesn’t exactly count as a date.

And I also spent part of the day trying desperately to get myself connected to the internet. This is long, so I spare you the details, it is not the right moment. But most of all I went out for a drink with the Spanish scenarist who tries to get enough money to go to Hollywood. He told me London is the right place to work on something he doesn’t really like such as selling cosmetics to women. When he will have the amount he thinks necessary, in a couple of years, he will go to Hollywood to try his chance.

In the meanwhile, he is looking for an almost relationship with an available female. The female should not want children with him neither family. He told me life has changed and the model of the couple with children is no longer valid in our societies. People wouldn’t stay in a relationship for more than 4 years.

He could be right about divorces raising. And that the way people live together might have changed. But somehow, deep down, it feels like there is always a way to show love and affection. And to grow with our relationship.

Happy St Valentine to all of us!

Chocolats Saint Valentin Marks and Spencer


October 2nd, 2015- My search for the ideal flatmate in London

Dear October,

I welcome you in Paris, but we will see each other again in London by the end of next week! Now, there are a few details to deal with: funding, moving some of my staff, and of course, last but not least, finding the perfect flatmate.

Because I already have the perfect flat. Now, this individual, is someone very respectful. Clean. With personality, but not particularly noisy. Sociable and present, but at the same time, living some space. Letting me use the bathroom first. Being able to pay the rent, responsible. Cultivated and artistically sensitive.

Male or female?

I am not sure about that.

Someone whose life style is somehow in harmony with my own.

With the kind of aura you like to see in the morning.

With something positive about him/her.


So how am I doing? For the time being I have been contacted by two women. And a couple.

I need to learn more about them.

And wait a couple of days.

What do you think I should do?

Flatmate wanted




Septermber 20, 2015- Old Love and New Love

Hello September,

I was expecting to meet up with a former collaborator Saturday night. Instead, another person texted me at 23.00 at night. Yes, yes, my café-crush! The guy  I flirted with once a week for a year or so. But things didn’t evolve much. He wanted to wish me all the best. He advised me to continue on my path and eventually reward will come.

This is all very sweet, I would have liked to add. I like that you appreciate me. But why don’t you invite me for a drink and hug me while you give this precious advice? How can you resist me? Is it his Old Love who had broken his heart three years ago still present in his mind and heart?

I asked him if he still thinks of this lady who made him suffer. He said it is all behind him, and is ready to turn the page. But he still gives everything to work.

Well, it was nice to text me, knowing I am going to London for a while. And we will not be able to play the café flirt-game any more. Where we look at each other as pre-adolescents and exchange smiles and witty phrases as part of the ritual. But I am still a bit confused regarding his way of acting. Why stay on the phone for an hour a Saturday night? Why did I?

May be I am ready to turn the page and start with a New Love 🙂



July 30, 2015: Sun is shining and so are you

Hello July,

this is the hit of the moment for me, I have been dancing around in this rhythm, it was passing at the bar I was out with some friends and I checked it out. Isn’t it great?

Today the sun was shining again after a few rainy days, and I walked quiet a lot: from the center of Paris to the Opera and St Lazare area, back to the center. The good thing is I managed to advance on many fronts.

It has been a bit challenging because I had to explain my life to people I didn’t know and face their curiosity (something that was putting me out-of-order in the past);

So, I would say that there is progress. What is more, another funding deadline for tomorrow, and it feels good.

As I came back home, throwing away my shoes, it felt that I did a good job. And, “cerise sur le gâteau”, or last but not least, I know more about the kind of man I would like to be with, because I know myself better: a family person, and rather adventurous. Like James Bond and my neighbour at the same time 🙂