January 30, 2016: 3rd day of 60 day challenge. How to stay on top

Dear January

I started my 3rd day of challenge without telephone internet because I didn’t pay my bill. And I didn’t because I didn’t have a bank account in the UK, yet. As I went back to my French hometown for about two months, all the procedures with my installation in London slowed down.

Oh, mow I do have an account. So all those checks can come in.

I started thinking: how do I stay on top when little things come up to rock my boat? I googled my question and here is an answer I liked and I share with you:

Initiate what you want to do and keep at it

Ok, so I found an internet cafe. And I am writing my blog post. More the less, I emailed several artists I would like to invite in my new artistic project.

And had a spinach pie with goat cheese, because I felt homesick.

So yes, January, I am keeping at it.


January 29, 2016: Challenge day 2 for quantum leap: being kind to oneself

Hello January,

being in the mood for love is a great way to expect a quantum leap, I guess. And with February 14 approaching, I need a detox from anything but that.

A friend of mine told me he is impressed with the faith I have on people, him being more cautious probably. Can we trust others? And why not? After all, a lot of injuries come from ourselves, not from others.

A way to train to better one to one relationship apparently, in order to prepare for an awesome February 14 and after, is to speak kindly to oneself.

You might object: wait a second, when I speak to myself I usually turn my voice off. What are you talking about?

And YET, apparently, there is a special tone of internal voice we apply when we talk to ourselves. Is it kind? Do we speak to our pet in a nicer way?

If I say for example to myself with a smile:

Good morning gorgeous April, hello my beautiful Goddess, hello sunshine… or how was your day my talented genius, … it is a little bit different from

hey, April, still haven’t figured out how to do x and y? This is not a way I would treat a friend, not even an acquaintance, so a diet of kind and valorizing self talk is something I commit to, together with stopping using sugar for my coffee πŸ™‚

At least for a while πŸ™‚



January 28, 2016: Challenge, day 1

Hello 2016 January,

today is practically my first day of the quantum leap challenge. In order to honour this anniversary I went for a walk in Covent Garden and bought myself a hydrating facial cream. My skin felt like it and I wanted to benefit from the sun beams.

And I teased everybody I met.

I also got challenged when I run into an artist from Paris who used to hate my guts, and wanted to monopolize a curator. I was invited to join them for lunch by another person and saw that his face turned green.

Helas, as we say in French, Paris is not that far from London and some of the intrigues I was facing there are exported to London.

I will probably let it be, and do whatever pleases me.

And for now, it is to have chocolate cake.




January 27, 2016- A 60 day challenge :-)

Hello January,

we didn’t have much time to chat, but I have to say I am grateful for the nice things that happened into my life already. But I feel I need something to boost my energy and raise my mood. It has been two days since I came back to London and yesterday I had a presentation of my artistic project in the new platform. It seemed to go well.

So why a 60 day challenge? To bring a quantum leap, to put me in a new dimension and dynamize my 2016 year! What does this challenge include?

a. Self love, talking nice to oneself, feeding me well (not just chocolates and cakes)

b. Love for others, romantic love included.

c. Great projects that make me feel passionate. I have this MEGA project and feel I should find like-minded people to make me go a step further

d. Taking care of everyday life questions, such as paying my phone bill.

So let’s see what happens with a diet that will boost my energy and projects!


Back to London!

Hello January,

just a quick word to let you know I am at Heathrow airport, waiting because I don’t have the keys of my room… yes, I wait for a friend to get over there and open the door for me…

What do you mean how did I get into this? I will let you know soon… for the time being I try to find an adaptor for my continental mobile charger πŸ˜‰

January 13, 2016: Looking to the past for inspiration

Hello dear fresh January,

for resolutions to be more inspired, I dived into my old diaries, to see what I really liked and wanted at the time. I am a journal, diary addict since I were 8 years old. Not that I have been writing every day, but the love affair with words goes back to my childhood.

What did I find out? I wanted to be a writer very early in life, as an adolescent trying to send my first novels to some kind of literary competition. But I suffered from lack of confidence. Was I talented enough? Was this wish out of reach?

Why would that be? A wish, a desire, if strong, is enough in itself.

I also felt kind of imprisoned at school, following hours of boring, to me, classes, waiting for the moment to escape.

And a difficulty to find a like-minded community in the cercle of my classmates and family.

But then, this is what made me kick the road and get to Paris, or London, among other places.

Did I find everything I was looking for?

I was looking more for a fresh place to co-create.

But after all, this place of non-censure, love and acceptance, is within ourself.

So, new resolutions will take into consideration the love for freedom, new experiences, love and connexion, and most of all, sharing the worlds of imagination with other human beings!

so you want to be a writer?

I will see what Charles Bukowski has to say on the question…

so you want to be a writer? by Charles Bukowski



January 11, 2016: Resolutions

Welcome 2016 and January!

I wish you a happy stay with us, andΒ  thank you for the extra chocolates, parties and other Santa Claus presents: my excuse for taking my time to write!

Yes, a good rest is a way to kick-start 2016, with nice food, friends, family, and some time staring happily around in a state of nirvana.

After this meditative state I am ready to start communicating my 2016 resolutions and ask for your help to materialize them πŸ˜‰