July 15- Update of the first two weeks

Hello July,

here you are, already in the middle, and I need to give you an update of what I have been up to, in case you were not reading my posts thoroughly 😉

Some important things have already happened : for example, the big art exhibition, last week. And some others will take place in the second half: the artistic event in the South of France, close to my hometown. The event takes place on July 26 and I am to prepare everything from Paris because I will only get there on the night of the 24. I also had a setback, the small project I love that was rejected, but fortunately, my feelings were dissolved in the advice of wise friends and the rhythm of last week.

I am also to prepare for the second round of the application that was successful by the end of June.

What is the best way to approach all these tasks? In this very moment I prepare a soup in the kitchen, because the pasta I had earlier wasn’t enough. Or the olives, that accompanied the glass of wine that I had in the company of a friend.

I am sorry for not being respectful, it is that I need to let some steam off after the art exhibition last week. Even if it was a great experience, presenting myself to new people and having to deal with thousands of issues can be overwhelming.

The celebration of the downfall of the Bastille arrived on time for this!

I wish I could delegate!

But there are things that can only be done by myself, such as writing, and loving!

(some ideas in: http://freelancecrunch.com/5-valuable-strategies-to-help-freelancers-prioritize-tasks/)

Methods to prioritize freelance tasks