July 16- Happiness, Confidence, Comparisons

Dear July,

do you ever compare to June and August, or rather to November and January? Just a question… I was relfecting on comparisons on May 3 and my point was that comparisons are important, but we need to be careful who to compare with.

We categorize certain things by comparing them with something else that remains stable. That is how we take mesures. And we know we have grown. Or gained weight. We are taller, shorter, fatter, thiner, than before, or more, less, than X, Y, Z. Should this tell something about our value? Not particularly. Deciding that something is more valuable than something else, is an arbitrary decision.

Today I compared myself with someone who is working on the same corridor of the Platform, (the network of artistic event organizers), and I felt some sort of injustice. Because he had a contract and I didn’t. But then I was happy to have more freedom and my own way with things. Did I have to do that? Why not just say hello and go my way?

Because he is new, and wanted to understand who are the other people around. What is their role. Compare.

What if I were the tallest, most beautiful, richest, most talented -according to a number of criteria- most powerful person of the corridor? Or of the whole floor? Or of the Platform?

Would this be enough to assure my self-confidence and make me happy?

What is it compared to the whole universe?

Maybe there is another way to assure confidence and to look for happiness 😉

P.S. https://april4june6.wordpress.com/2014/05/03/may-3-the-awakening/