July 8- First day of the Big Art Exhibition

Dear July,

I am back home after an intensive day: I am involved in the organization of a big art exhibition, and it was the inauguration! There are so many people involved, and I didn’t visit the exhibition center before. It took me the whole morning to become familiarized with it. I will probably be needed there the whole week.

So I walked a lot, my shoes were hurting, and I got mad with the fact that I missed the photo session of the organizing comite at 11.00 a.m.

Fortunately, a good friend joined me for lunch, and everything fell into place in the afternoon. I found the rest of our group. We were to appear on the scene of an old theater and present the exhibition. We had a fun moment waiting behind the curtain for the moment to step in.

Just after, a cocktail with a lot of cheese and wine followed. I had a lot of both and still feel a salty taste…

A picture of another exhibition…