July 24- Lost in Transit: at a Zurich hotel :-)

Hello dear July,

I wouldn’t have imagined writing from a Z├╝rich hotel by the airport tonight. When I was leaving my home in Paris this morning, little did I suspect the adventure I was about to experience.

What am I doing here? Well, I had the idea to visit a friend in Milan via a Zurich, because the flight with Swiss Air was cheaper. And Swiss Air way delayed due to bad weather conditions in the Alps.

So here I am, in my transit hotel Allegra, after I had some chicken salad. Just before the bar closed. The place is ok, other “lost” passengers were also scattered between the tables.I remember them from the “Transfer” office. Some were going to Germany, others to Italy as well.

The receptionist of the hotel is born the same day as me, that created a connection and made me feel welcome. Is it always better to go for the cheapest solution? At this point, when the event I have been organizing is in just a few days?

Maybe not. I need to be at the South of France by the end of the week. What was I thinking?

But I needed to get away a little bit, and it seemed like a good opportunity for a change. Now I will wonder from one European airport to the other.

I had learnt in geometry that that the shortest way between to points is a straight line. Why not stick to that lesson?

Is there any logic in transiting? For the people who travel? I had an oncle who tought me another lesson: when you want to go somewhere and the road is blocked, you find another way. So this is the logic of the transit. It doesn’t matter that it takes longer. The essential thing is to get there. And then, there is something to learn from transitions also.

A transition is an adventure, and I love adventures. Fighting for some cause. Like in the films where the super or simple heroes accomplish a mission, meet strange creatures, win battles, fall in love, become wiser.

So, I don’t know if it was wise or irresponsible to book this particular flight, but here I am. And I will make the best out of it.