July 11- Inspiration and the key to success

Dear July,

I have been running here and there, I have “pété plus haut que mon cul” according to some people, which means that I have probably aimed for the moon and landed on a star, but in a less refined way, according to the French colloquial expression. I wouldn’t want to shock your delicate ears by translating this. (The second word refers to one’s bottom, the everyday word for it 🙂

One of my smaller projects, that I was particularly attached to, was refused. I considered it as the key to open the door for a job I like. Usually I would have felt discouraged, and thought that despite my hard work and efforts, things didn’t advance in a positive direction. That would have been my reaction in the past. I would have felt trapped, not knowing how to reach my goal. I would have allowed some self victimization, and an idea that there is one key to open the door to success, that for some reason I can’t find. A key that is only available to a privileged circle? I would also have doubted myself and my capacities.

But this is not how I feel now. Starting a blog, was also a way to catch me when I would get into some downward spiral of thinking.

Is there a hidden key for a treasure somewhere, out of reach? And is this treasure my goal, that would allow me to feel succesful, loved and accomplished? Or a key for another desired outcome, for example a desired partner? Would this or that person concentrate the qualities I want, and would he be out of reach for some reason?

But I am a treasure myself! There is something valuable I can offer to enrich the world, and to make a partner happy. I want to contribute my part in the continuity of life. And I need like-minded and like-hearted people to fulfill this goal. Our common goal.

Where are my partners? Here and there. Everywhere.

In this huge artistic exhibition where I am involved until Sunday afternoon, I got to meet some wonderful people, artists coming from different parts of the world. I became friends with a Japanese, inspired by the way people have transformed the trauma of the tsunami into growth. Another one from Venezuela told me about the unstable situation people experience and the research for inner strength.


My concerns seemed so small compared to that! I really admired them!