December 3rd, 2020- Making space for what is important, day 11-Christmas is coming

Hello December,

do you have any advice about how to stay cool and zen when someone in our household has a health issue and we spend a lot of time in the house?

Has any of your brothers, and sisters, parents, or partners and kids given you this type of experience?

Well, yes, thank you, the best way is to look for a lesson to learn; something good comes out of difficult times, we just need to have our eyes open to see that;

Ok, I will admit there are moments that a significant other’s bad mood gets me, especially because I feel helpless to do anything to help.

Then what?

Should I be absorbed in this spiral?

Do I have a choice?

What if I do have?

What if I focus on something lovely?

The magic of Christmas?

Ok, I was chatting with a divorced neighbour who was telling me he is not into Christmas because there is a lot about loving families, and now he doesn’t have that, it feels even worse;

Is magic true?

Is Santa real?

Hell yes, they are!

Pandemic or not, difficulties or not, all these are teaching us lessons, and Good comes out of bad and painful circumstances;

Magic is in and all around us, every moment when there is suffering, there is also love, life, laughter, and we can invite it in our life.


Believing that something beautiful is about to arrive, and smiling

The Art of Attracting Magic into your Life


November 16, 2020-Making space for what is important, day 9- or how to find yourself when working from home

Dear November,

yes, I am back in my parents’ home in a small town, at the South of France, in my forties. An idea I would have hated as an adolescent. Nevertheless, COVID19 didn’t exit in my teens, neither online work from home.

So, yes, I find myself here, because I haven’t created yet a family unit of my own, and I am not completely established in London, in a home where my mother is going through the residues of a stroke, with a lot of difficulties.

How do I keep positive and cool when I see her suffer and sometimes accusing me of not having found the way to make her feel good?

I realise, that regardless of the reality of the stroke, this is what most parents ask of their kids, and it is way unjust.

Kids are here for the purpose of life and not to fulfil any particular purpose, I, think. Happiness is growing in certain circumstances, but an active collaboration is required. I know I couldn’t have made her happy if she didn’t find her way to happiness.

So, how is it possible to navigate these waters and to balance between humanity, love but also love for oneself?

Lockdown makes us look inside to find the answers.

Where they were found all the way.

Maybe this is the lockdown’s blessing.

We may realise that a change of perspective is essential for our happiness, and nothing outside will not replace this trip.

Should we take it alone?

No, we need to ask for help, and help is given in many forms ๐Ÿ™‚

Asking for help is not a weakness but a strength.

September 28-30, 2018- Bounce Back Big days 11-13

Hello September,

you want to know if I have been doing something to go in the direction of my dreams?

Well, on Friday, I send an application, not with much conviction, to be honest.

On Saturday, I contacted a friend who is a coach: I thought I needed an outside opinion.

I am waiting for the budget to see if I can afford it right now.

How about some psychological support?

I would take some, with pleasure: as long as it’s free and quality.


Any news?

After taking half the day off, I started to panick.

Then, I read about being master of my emotions and thoughts.

It’s the only way I can go forward. But on the other side, accepting and feeling compassionate of myself for not always being on TOP, it’s also important.

Yes, I am a weak human being.

I am afraid, and I don’t know if I have succeeded my goals.

Plus, I have put some family members in danger with my big projects, I asked them to support.

So, now what?

If I start punishing myself, is this going to help?


Yesterday, when I was wondering in central London, feeling bored, I realized something.

I might invent some problems because I don’t want to deal with a basic question:

Where can I do something creative, feel at home and live from it with similar-minded people ever after?

Maybe there is one way to find about that:

If I suggest something that others might also want to follow ๐Ÿ˜‰

If not, at least I will feel free to do what I want

September 18, 2018- How to bounce back big in 30 days, day 1

Hello September,

I am back to London after a home town stay to face issues from all over: parents health, job, money, debt etc. So, how do I bounce back and stay on top of things?

I breathe.

After breathing, I look for advice.

All the people I know and I ever met.

One by one.

I also read it’s handy to have a precise story about myself, something like a condensed CV with where I want to go.

And precise question for mentors

Let’s see how it goes

Will I write every day for 30 days?

I will bet with myself

And I also offer two reading suggestions

I also decided to help someone with advice, I am actually quiet good with chaotic situations ๐Ÿ™‚

Free eBook - Bounce Back BIG

The Nicomachean Ethi...

May 16, 2018-Magic May, 30 days to blossom

Dear May,

after being kind of negative on my actual job, a health problem my mother had, made me focus on something else and put things into perspective.

I feel grateful for being there for her and for feeling that I can take of my parents.

How about starting to take care of me?

It is good to try things but not to struggle and to be afraid I am not up to the challenges that the day will bring.

How can I address that?

By doing something immediately.

Working is great, but it has to be part of joy and magic.

So, what next?

Well, no mater what, I need to get in touch with my internal compass.

Sit on the top of a hill, metaphorically or literally, and have a broader perspective.

Magic May, Spring is here, how about emerging and blossoming again?

Cherry Blossom Fragrance Oil

April 29, 2018- How to turn sadness into creativity

Hello April,

my spring break involved some challenges on family member’s health problems, and here I am, in my hometown, dealing with challenging realities and feelings.

My fears are not only with that, but with the kind of impact it can have into my life. Because, let’s face it, there is some percentage of selfishness in our worry for people close to us.

So, how can I choose a better feeling thought?

To begin with, this experience, helps me put things into perspective. Job insecurity, money or other similar questions are secondary to health.

Then, it’s like, how about feeling I have been struggling in a certain direction without getting into a place where I can say, I have accomplished something I can keep with me.

A place to rest. As if my successes were not stepping-stones.

But is this true?

Not really.

Actually, I have learnt to reboundย after pretty challenging situations.

Somehow, I found solutions.

I have become resilient.

Then, let’s face it, security was not my number 1 goal.

A meaningful experience is my goal.

And I feel gratitude towards myself and others, to have worked in this direction.

I feel grateful for my friends standing by me.

I feel grateful for the wonderful job I have been doing.

These are challenging times for everyone. We need to give it our best.

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October 2nd, 2017- Positive thought for Monday

Welcome October,

with things happening fast, it is important to concentrate on the slow and to do whatever enhances our objective. One important objective is enough. I am happy to have found mine. It took me some time, the last three years it was taking shape slowly but steadily. I have this artistic project. And I am looking everywhere for the best place to be to develop it!

And some resolutions: to wake up earlier in the morning, to look in one direction but to let inspiration come.

And to meet the people with whom we will walk together.

And to begin with, I am walking with me.

I walk everyday, a little bit further.

And eventually I am getting somewhere.

Each day, a step further.

May 10, 2016: Return to London and to my writing challenge

Dear May,

The South of France was just great, the sea brize and the picturesque ports, but here I am back to London!

The weather feels like spring despite some occasional showers. So I took the advice of ;y friend Brian and went to Camden town and walked around by the canal. This is the best way to get back to the life in London. I had ice cream and promise I will go to Shoreditch for brunch in one of my next missions.

This is also a promise to catch up with the idea of a post a day ๐Ÿ™‚

A pause is good and a way to stay faithful to my own rules would be to add the writing days I have missed while I was admiring the scenery …

November 2nd, 2015- November settling down to London

Hello November,

I realize this is the first post of the month so I wish you a warm welcome from London! All these details about bank accounts, mobile phone issues, tooth ache, just disappear in the background!

I am happy to be in London starting something new and the small discomforts and resistances are part of the adventure. So let it be let it be and go on! More the less we had a beautiful and sunny week-end!

Now what if my internet doesn’t work at home or if I have been overcharged for calls… what if the employee of the mobile phones store told me I can make international calls on mobile lines for less than land lines…

let’s not resist change and go with the flow wherever this is taking me…

But could you just give me a hint? Is it a good idea to come over here? Should I have returned to my parents’ home instead and hidden on the basement where no one would ever hear about my adventures and wishes to become a well-known author, an art authority and one of the sexiest women alive?


And here is a photo of a compatriote to inspire me, Brigitte Bardot ๐Ÿ˜‰

October 9, 2015- Moving in, out and around the clock

Hello there October,

you know I am moving out of my place in Paris? Why don’t you give me a hand? Haven’t you seen there is absolutely nothing packed yet? As to moving in… I still need confirmation from the real estate agency in London. That they received the first rent.

Or else?

Well, one of my candidate flatmates was kind enough to invite me to his place if I don’t have any. No he doesn’t know me yet. It could be that my Facebook photos are to my advantage. Or that this is a genuinely kind person. It is possible. I shed a tear of emotion yesterday.

Now, how about boxes? The boxes I am to put the staff that needs to move out? Not to be found this afternoon. The shops around the corner had already disposed them.

Yes, I should have asked before. Ok, Ok. I did go to the hairdresser to have a hair cut. But this is necessary to keep me cool. Is it better to arrive in London breathless and with impossible hair?

I wouldn’t think so.

Tomorrow everything will be in its place ๐Ÿ™‚