January 26- Update on love and work

Dear January,

yes, I am ready for an update since the month of April 2014, the beginning of this blog. What were my objectives and what has happened?

The idea was to transform myself in order to reach important goals that can contribute -I think- to my happiness:

a. find true love (and be found by it).

b. get a real job that I love (meaning getting paid enough to live and …enjoy art, fashion, traveling, offering gifts, having a luxurious home, etc) (https://april4june6.wordpress.com/about/).

Now, if I want to be honest with myself, it would seem as if I haven’t accomplished my goals, at least not completely. But it is important to acknowledge the progress I have made:

A. In terms of true love, I found myself lovable, and try to live up to a true love of me, which is a way to love other people also.

Writing a blog, is a positive action, it has helped my emotions to unfold. So it weighs in the balance, on the side of true love, I would say.

I know you will tell me, come on, April, be more specific: are you on a relationship with another human being, a man right now? Mmm, not exactly. I have dated someone though during this period of time.

I still have an imaginary crush on B, the guy I occasionally meet at the café. But our romance -which could be one-sided- has not advanced more than the occasional greeting kiss on the cheek (la “bise”). And we have been in the presence of a whole bunch of people.

Being in love is essential to me. B is a source of inspiration, but it could be interesting to have more interaction or to choose another romantic interest. Varying a bit the cafés I go to, might be helpful 🙂

B. In terms of work, I decided two things:

a. to be my own Boss. This was a big decision, and I feel proud for taking it. I have a new artistic project I am attached to, and I want to see it materialize.

b. my second decision is to do everything it takes for a position I have in mind, in the artistic world. It combines a lot of things I really like.

Ok, I have to admit that during this period I kind of got “fired” by the wannabe boss. Kind of, because he wasn’t paying me anyway.

The projects I had submitted for funding last April and passed the first evaluation in June, was not accepted in the end. Actually, it would involve leaving Paris, so, I might not have wanted this to happen in reality.

My spirits were occasionally low and that was the period I was daydreaming instead of answering emails or writing a report. It is communicating what I have done, emailing, that I am not very eager to do. But, I don’t come up as very professional and efficient that way, despite the good work that has been done.

So have I transformed? I am in a process of transformation.

Have I reached my goals? I have reached intermediate, but very important goals. I am on the way of accomplishing these goals and I keep walking!

In the end, I think that walking in the direction of a goal, or a dream, not only transforms me, but also my dream.



10 thoughts on “January 26- Update on love and work

  1. Dear Artist. Thankyou for your honesty. I am setting goals too, so you are giving me ideas. I am starting small – I am going to visit a new cafe and write for one hour each week for the next month.
    Re Love, I heard someone say once “Before you do anything, love yourself first. I’ve been trying to keep this my mind. M

  2. Love your NY resolution!! And I don’t think we ever reach our goals – our BTW, our big important ones, instead we just “head that direction.” It gives us a way to correct course and not be lost, I think. And I thin you have made quite an impressive amount of progress for such a short time period. hugs, gerry

  3. Congratulations! I think revising goals is Very Important. Things change and develop as we go along. Loving yourself is the most important thing you can do, and decided to be your own boss is over-the-top Awesome! Best wishes on the next part of this exciting journey of life.

  4. Transformation is a lifetime job. You accomplished and developed a lot inside and around yourself. It is amazing to see. You changed a lot of your attitude which will be reflected in the outer world over time. Change always starts within ourselves and you already created a wonderful base.

  5. Making the decision to be your own boss is monumental and you have the drive, skills, and talent to be extremely successful. You already have a fan club of potential clients who admire your work and your art.

  6. Woah! I love your honesty. Its like I know you and I have never even met you. I wish you the best of luck of your goals. Don’t stop until you make it!


  7. Like (I think I’ve said before) I totally approve your new choice of a boss! 🙂
    Now goals are fine, but there also is another way to look at it. Something I read in Grad school a long, long time ago:
    Goals are ok, but goals are finite. You fail at a goal, you feel miserable. You reach a goal, then what? The path, the road you choose is infinite. (Comes the Tao) What is your chosen path?

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