January 7, 2020- Getting a promotion in 2020

Hello January,

have you ever felt like you were getting a promotion? I don’t know if you can be more than the first month of the year, but imagine you could. What would it be like?

Well, in my case, after realising how expensive is a latte in Notting Hill, I decided it is about time to get a promotion. After all, I have been working already for three months.

Am I already mastering my new job? Not exactly, but I am working on it. What is more, I feel I have a lot more to give.

So, after having indulged myself in huge quantities of chocolate and pastries, and been lazy and sick with a flue, I made up my mind: 2020 is going to be a Promotion Year.

Let’s see: I am learning what I need to learn to get to the next level.

Is this credible? Or incredible?

Both, and of course I see myself there already.

For the time being, I prepare my suitcase.

I am coming back to London!


February 12, 2018- Emailing myself to sleep ;-)

Hello February,

how is it possible that tasks multiply when you are approaching a deadline? But so do people who help, appearing out of the blue!

Things change, but somehow, I have an irrational feeling it’s going to be fine!

For the time being, it’s practically midnight and I have another email to send πŸ™‚

Or two, I will also email myself to go to sleep!


June 28, 2016: Are you ready for love?

Hello June,

are you ready for love? I am in a test mood so I took this one, in Psychologies and apparently I am. So much the better. So one of these two guys really stand a chance πŸ˜‰

Here it is, in case you want to try it yourself. I guess it means that you are open to other people, confident on your capacity to love and be loved, trusting that there is someone with whom you can be a match. Perfect or less perfect.

The next thing for me would be, ‘Are you ready for holidays’ and I almost know the answer!

ready for love


June 19, 2016: Plan the week ahead with a MEGA goal

Hello June,

it is Sunday, the weather was having moods in London, but I walked around, and thought of trying to plan my week ahead.

Here is what happens. Planning feels like a lot of things to do and I have a tendency to panick.

May be the solution is to have a MEGA goal, mega like megalomania.

In this way, all the things that seem overwhelming right now would look easy and insignificant.

Or I will give myself a SUPER HEROINE powers.

Would that mean that I need to upgrade my expectations of a possible partner? Another SUPER HERO or a human being would be ok?

So, my BIG objective is the end of July, win a funding.

It is not doing things I know well how to do.

So it is kind of challenging.

My other challenge is to take the QUANTUM LEAP and continue into the positive dimension I entered when I came to London.

Now I have another trip in mind.

Yes, I will soon let you know πŸ˜‰





January 31, 2016: Challenge day 4 of 60 for my quantum leap

Dear January, hello and farewell,

hmm, I rose up to the challenge today, with an Italian friend frying eggplant and zucchini in our shared kitchen whereas my other French flatmate was drifting murderous looks on his side.

Yes, I am French but not Parisian. And I like Italian cuisine. So, when E suggested to cook in our kitchen, I said YES without thinking twice. Especially E who had a reputation to be an excellent cook. However, today he chose a recipe with fried vegetables. And yes, the whole place was smelling of fried zucchini. It was a bit heavy but very tasty I have to admit and a big THANK you to E, for taking the trouble!

Anyway, after he left I went for a walk and tried to get myself out of this situation, the phone etc bills, the whatever doubts, and project myself into the future. Here I am, in LONDON, and it has been quiet an adventure to get here! I shook off my laziness and reluctance to work on a new project.

So, ok, let’s respect the people around, but let’s keep FOCUSING on my objective! My artistic project!

Tools and Objectives cartoons


Back to London!

Hello January,

just a quick word to let you know I am at Heathrow airport, waiting because I don’t have the keys of my room… yes, I wait for a friend to get over there and open the door for me…

What do you mean how did I get into this? I will let you know soon… for the time being I try to find an adaptor for my continental mobile charger πŸ˜‰

November 2nd, 2015- November settling down to London

Hello November,

I realize this is the first post of the month so I wish you a warm welcome from London! All these details about bank accounts, mobile phone issues, tooth ache, just disappear in the background!

I am happy to be in London starting something new and the small discomforts and resistances are part of the adventure. So let it be let it be and go on! More the less we had a beautiful and sunny week-end!

Now what if my internet doesn’t work at home or if I have been overcharged for calls… what if the employee of the mobile phones store told me I can make international calls on mobile lines for less than land lines…

let’s not resist change and go with the flow wherever this is taking me…

But could you just give me a hint? Is it a good idea to come over here? Should I have returned to my parents’ home instead and hidden on the basement where no one would ever hear about my adventures and wishes to become a well-known author, an art authority and one of the sexiest women alive?


And here is a photo of a compatriote to inspire me, Brigitte Bardot πŸ˜‰


October 7, 2015- Talking to my potential flatmates

Hello October,

no, I haven’t met any of my potential flatmates… yet! We have become Facebook friends, we talked on the phone -it is so good that what’s up, Skype and viber exist!- I have looked at their pictures as babies, with their grandfather, on top of the China wall, diving, etc…

It is as if I knew them. One of them, who is French, told me he has a girlfriend who is very “expressive” in their private moments as a couple, and asked me the distance between the flat’s bedrooms. So that the noise will not bother the other tenants. I just don’t understand why not look for a studio in that case.

Another one is a beautiful young woman who seems very active, travelling around the world. Would I feel insecure if I bring a boyfriend in the house?

A third is a Polish who is told me he is looking for something worth while for his money. A notion difficult to decide.

A third is a woman in her 40s who is very much into cleanness. A baby sitter. A specialist in information technology.

Someone else asked me how am I ready to share a flat with an unknown person. Well, I will trust my intuition. After all, in some parts of the world people get even married without having met each other. Sometimes, they are happier than those who knew each other long ago. Best friends go on holidays together and they end up fighting.

The thing is, I am still in Paris, so I can’t meet them before the end of the week.

So, strangers could be great. I am into trying something new.

Please October, help me with a tip!




September 22, 2015- Playing football inside the bus

Hello September,

yes, I witnessed this scene where two 11 year olds used the bus’ corridor to play the ball; the bus was a bit empty, and finally nobody protested; after all, it is more fun when the bus bumps and turns than on solid ground.

That was distraction enough from my room hunting for my move to London, and the room renting for my place in Paris. I still haven’t told all my friends. But I have started telling my neighborhood. It somehow feels great to see that people in my neighborhood like me.

They are happy for my move though. London has something dynamic about it, and after all, I go for a year. I can be recycled to an even more dynamic and brilliant April. If this is possible!

New Love is waiting over there, I have been told. By David, author and clairvoyant.

So, I can stand a few less “pains au chocolat”.

Although London is full of them I am sure, in case I feel homesick πŸ˜‰



July 24, 2015- The day’s mission

Hello dear July,

would you mind taking care of my mail, administrative papers and all the practical things so that I can write my posts and day-dream from time to time? I need to show you how? Oh, forget it, you don’t have the right spirit for detail, I see you more on the beach, drinking a cold beverage and swimming from time to time…

Anyway, I have another mission today. I am to sneakΒ in the Platform, my ancient headquarters, and check if there is any free working space in this huge building, in order to host my new “family”: the smaller artistic platform that has accepted me as a member. The head of the small platform asked me to take a look, so that she could negotiate some space with the Big director.

By the way, here is the small Perrier video that I like, it represents how I feel πŸ™‚