October 18, 2020- Making time for what is important, day 1

Hello October,

yes, I am the person who promised to wake up at 6.30, who said I would go to sleep at 23.00 and yet, I am also the one who watched the “Queen of the South” on Netflix until 3 in the morning. I am also the person who wanted to do a sugar-less weekend. And who had cake instead. The one who wanted to journal everyday. I am keeping this promise, but I am also using traditional pen and paper.

What about my job? My love-life? My book?

Everything is advancing. I keep pretty busy, and I will stick to my objectives, even if I have to start again and again. I have also succeeded in many things, and one of them is to keep in good mood.

So this is great!

Yes, more energy and focus could be great also. Do you think it’s the sugar? I might try desert on Sunday and focus for a sugar-free week instead. Just to promise myself something special for the weekend.

And now, let’s get back to writing for the chapter I have promised to finish,

Good day to you too, October

August 28 and 29 2018- Day 2 and 3 for inspiring actions: The U.N. 17 Global Goals for 2030!

Hello August,

yesterday I discovered a new café in a beautiful park and I send pictures to many of my friends, and today I discovered the 17 UN Global Goals for the planet, and ways we can contribute to them in our every day life.

Apparently they were around since 2015, but it’s good to take notice, 2030 is not far, but that gives us a few more days to act!

So, before choosing one goal to take action, I will read them through and decide which one could be more meaningful to me today 🙂

April 3, 2017- Anniversary decisions

Dear April,

I was wondering if I will continue this blog in this form. And the first answer that comes to my mind is yes, for questions of facility. Let’s face it: my London stay has given me extra work, and the rhythm is more intense than in Paris.

But some kind of update seems necessary.

Here is what I know you want to ask me:

a. how are you doing dearest one, how do you feel?

I am feeling well, but a little bit stressed. I know this is an illusion; do you hurry a flower to blossom? Take the time an orchid needs for the flowers.

b. Do you like being in London?

I do, I have come to love this city, although it doesn’t feel home yet. Although I am in touch with a lot of talented people, I miss a group of like-minded crazy individuals.

So, are you going to do something about it? Or just pretend this is fine?

I think I will do something about it. I will take initiatives.

c. Someone told me to ditch friend-enemies too. They cost energy.

How are you doing this?

By sending them love and not letting them to get into my space.

d. How are we doing in the love department?

I am kind of in love and I date a few people.

e. How are your projects?

They are doing well, I have been productive. But I need something to have more fun and relax.

What would do for my best friend in this case? I would take me out to do something beautiful.

And I would tell her all the nice things I believe about her.

Ok, I am doing it.

f. How about the different resolutions you have had? Cutting Sugar, etc?

For now I have limited sugar apart from a small bar of chocolate daily and one teaspoonful in the morning and I am happy with it.

g. Any specific project for the future?

Yes, to prepare for a Big Leap.

And I will use this blog for this purpose.


November 16, 2016: Ladybug challenge day 1

Hello November,

yes, I know, I announced a challenge but let some time pass… between the moment of decision and the moment of the execution there is a gap but it is always time for a good idea!

So here I am with lots of tasks, trying to be on top of my game and how should I respond to the challenges that arise keeping my purpose on sight?

It feels as if I have been busy, but not always with my no 1 purpose.

So it is time to define it.

  1. Writing a book on art this year
  2. Writing literature
  3. Finding a well-paid regular job
  4. Being found by the love of my life

Now, how do I keep my level of energy up and my optimism to the highest? Mind power? Super resilience? Top self-confidence?

I want to have fun on this also!

How about doing one unexpected thing a day!

RĂ©sultat de recherche d'images pour "success"

July 21, 2016: Update and new goals in London’s high temperatures

Hello July,

I have been extremely busy and almost burned out, I have sweat in the London heat and now I can ask, even in the heat of the action: is what I am doing meaningful? Does it take me to the direction of my dreams?

Heat in London, and everything slows down or speeds up, it change…

So, if I compare with the last two summers is there a change? I am again organising an artistic exhibition and stressing up… I really love it but there is some pressure to get everyone and everything together.

I now realise that even when the situation seems the most important, as if it were going to be critical for my future, it is not in the way I think. Another one comes equaly critical. And after all, I am still in this field.

But enjoying the process, is so important!

And after all, what matters more is the bigger picture, the reason why I do all these…. and it has to do with creativity and creation!



February 11- Don’t cry over spilt coffee, get another one :-)

Hello again February,

here I am after having spilt my coffee on my bag- but ok, no big deal; just a sign that I had enough caffeine on my system and my bag needs some -now you see the reason I was searching for a black one 😉

The garçon of the café was adorable coming to help me clean up the mess.

Sorry what did you say? How is the project going? Great, I should finish this step today. It is so nice to be out in the winter sun, there is a feeling of spring around, dogs are happy, people of all ages walk around. At least those who don’t have to be in their office the moment we speak.

And I remembered this song for some self encouragement that I dedicate to all those who work and play looking for their own path and hoping that somehow, we will all meet there.

In the winter sun.

February 3- Winter sun in Paris

Hello February,

just to prove my blog-friend Brian wrong, a beautiful winter sun is peeping out of the clouds in Paris. Does this mean no rain or fog? Not particularly. But you definitely need your sunglasses as we are talking.

So what’s new April? You might ask. Now you got your black bag, you boosted your feminine power, how are we doing in terms of goals, objectives and transformation processes?

Ok, here you are:

First thing: I am finishing an exposition project and submit it for feedback until the end of the week

Second thing: I lobby powerful art people and ask for support

Third action: I start looking for a new working space

Fourth: I begin answering old emails and facing frustrated people who haven’t heard from me in a while

and last but not least: I enjoy my coffee in the winter Parisian sun!!!

Lever du soleil d'hiver à Paris, la Tour Eiffel vue du Trocadéro - France Banque d'images - 15381532


January 26- Update on love and work

Dear January,

yes, I am ready for an update since the month of April 2014, the beginning of this blog. What were my objectives and what has happened?

The idea was to transform myself in order to reach important goals that can contribute -I think- to my happiness:

a. find true love (and be found by it).

b. get a real job that I love (meaning getting paid enough to live and …enjoy art, fashion, traveling, offering gifts, having a luxurious home, etc) (https://april4june6.wordpress.com/about/).

Now, if I want to be honest with myself, it would seem as if I haven’t accomplished my goals, at least not completely. But it is important to acknowledge the progress I have made:

A. In terms of true love, I found myself lovable, and try to live up to a true love of me, which is a way to love other people also.

Writing a blog, is a positive action, it has helped my emotions to unfold. So it weighs in the balance, on the side of true love, I would say.

I know you will tell me, come on, April, be more specific: are you on a relationship with another human being, a man right now? Mmm, not exactly. I have dated someone though during this period of time.

I still have an imaginary crush on B, the guy I occasionally meet at the cafĂ©. But our romance -which could be one-sided- has not advanced more than the occasional greeting kiss on the cheek (la “bise”). And we have been in the presence of a whole bunch of people.

Being in love is essential to me. B is a source of inspiration, but it could be interesting to have more interaction or to choose another romantic interest. Varying a bit the cafĂ©s I go to, might be helpful 🙂

B. In terms of work, I decided two things:

a. to be my own Boss. This was a big decision, and I feel proud for taking it. I have a new artistic project I am attached to, and I want to see it materialize.

b. my second decision is to do everything it takes for a position I have in mind, in the artistic world. It combines a lot of things I really like.

Ok, I have to admit that during this period I kind of got “fired” by the wannabe boss. Kind of, because he wasn’t paying me anyway.

The projects I had submitted for funding last April and passed the first evaluation in June, was not accepted in the end. Actually, it would involve leaving Paris, so, I might not have wanted this to happen in reality.

My spirits were occasionally low and that was the period I was daydreaming instead of answering emails or writing a report. It is communicating what I have done, emailing, that I am not very eager to do. But, I don’t come up as very professional and efficient that way, despite the good work that has been done.

So have I transformed? I am in a process of transformation.

Have I reached my goals? I have reached intermediate, but very important goals. I am on the way of accomplishing these goals and I keep walking!

In the end, I think that walking in the direction of a goal, or a dream, not only transforms me, but also my dream.



November 10- Creating a coaching group :-)

Dear November,

after catching my breath and resting a bit this weekend, I thought about the next steps to take once my application has been submitted:

I need to tell people in our field who know me and ask for their support. Because it is a small artistic world and I have to “lobby” for my project. And find a balance between being in my world and out of touch, dreaming, and of this world and answering emails or communicating with other human beings.

The other thing, I decided it to create a “coaching” group, for mutual support. There are some of my friends who are at a similar moment in their lives, and getting together might help us being accountable for our objectives.

Oh, wait a second, you might object, if you have similar issues, for example, if neither of you has a stable relationship, what are you going to advice each other? Actually,  you might add, maybe it is having a similar lifestyle that allowed you to be friends in the first place.

But wouldn’t you need someone who has succeeded in the field you are interested in, in order to change? If you all have a similar issue, you might encourage each other to stay where you are, since change might mean to leave the club!

I think you have an important point there, so I need to make sure this doesn’t happen!


Do you remember I have a Psychology degree? Before I became an artistic event organizer, I have studied. Are all psychologists perfect? Even Freud couldn’t get rid of smoking. So I don’t need to be perfect to start my initiative. I already have two friends who would join the group. We will start a Sunday afternoon club.

How do we make sure we stay on the track of growth? By having an objective and keeping ourselves accountable. Loving ourselves doesn’t mean lying to ourselves. But it also means believing in ourselves and in each other.

Also by feeling that there is not only one way to succeed in something we want.

There are as many ways as people.



Halloween update and new goals!

Dear October,

I have concluded that I am all I want to become, and I love myself for my genius, laziness, creativity, tiger-like personality, sensibility, all of it!

So true love, I hope that I have felt it 🙂

I have a positive answer for my novel from a small but good publishing house 🙂 but they ask me to contribute financially to the publication and right now, it seems too much. The solution I found, is to have it accepted by a bigger publishing house. I sent it and we will see …

There is another answer I wait for, related to an artistic project’s funding; the answer should also come in November.

And after all, I have started working on a new artistic project that is close to my heart. And through that, I look for funding.

I have been in love during this period, but their seemed to be some conditions that blocked a happy ending… was it me? Maybe … But now I feel more ready for a complementary to me person. Someone I can share my dreams with and feel good effortlessly…

This is my goal for New Year’s Eve: be with the love of my life, and celebrate abundance, life and love!