January 23- A day at the Platform and a word of self-encouragement

Dear January,

I am my own boss, this is what I decided by the end of 2014. Now, in 2015 we need to see how this will become materialized into actions, people, funding of myself and my future team.

Last Friday I went to the Platform headquarters, the loose connection of artistic event organizers and other related professions, where I had a rendezvous with a colleague that was postponed to next week. So I went for lunch by myself and then, my moral sunk a bit.

My ex-wannabe boss is not exactly the person I would look for encouragement, and my friends were missing. I also felt late with everything I had to do, and kind of insecure when it comes to the future. The wannabe boss wants me out of the Platform, and I might have an idea about where to go next, but it is still a bit fuzzy.

Does x colleague like me? Does Y groupĀ appreciate me or not? Z influential people want to work with me? In the end, do they love me?

I went for a walk and then something hit me:

That was my old state of mind.

If I need encouragement, I should find it first in myself. I can plan something and invite people to join in, instead of waiting for others to invite me to their party. Is there something I love enough to make me hit the road and take the risk of living?

If the answer is yes, then all these questions have no meaning. I choose a path and welcome those who want to join in.

My best answer to someone who tries to hurt me is to show this person that they actually do me a favor.

And to celebrate this, dear January, I decided to go out and party with my friends.

Party time in Paris!

It is great to go around the city at the early morning hours with the snow starting to fall!


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