May 25- Profiles: books and writers

Dear May,

yes, I was at the café “Les Editeurs”, but not at 14.00 in the afternoon. I went there in the evening for a drink. It is one of my favorite St-Germain places, too bad it is going to be closed for renovation from June 1st to August 1st.

As an avid reader, I decided to read three books at the same time, from the closest shelf. The best way to wait for a friend that would join me. Yes, it is unrealistic. And disrespectful to the authors. It is as if you are coming and going in three lectures, slapping the door every time. Or, to be even more vulgar, as if I were changing tv channel.

So, my apologies to the authors.

ShalmanRushdi’s book, “Midnight’s Children”, published in 1980, on India’s transition from colonialism to an independent State, captured my attention. I decided to return to him.

Paul-Loup Sulitzer. His 2011 book “the empire of the water lily”, starts in China and is an adventure involving the local mafia, the Triad.

Jean-Barthélémy Bokassa and Olivier Keavel. Their book is on men and women with the objective to marry a millionaire and the way to achieve it.

Isn’t it amazing how different authors and books can co-exist on the same book-shelf? In the same way different people walk on the street at a certain moment.

I didn’t have time to read the books. But it was as if they were presenting three types of authors and their destinies. Shalman Rushdie, a literary award-winning author, who has been sentenced to death by Khomeini in 1989.

Paul-Loup Sulitzer, a business-man and a millionaire. He has been accused of using as a ghostwriter for some of his books Loup Durand, according to Wikipedia (  A best-selling author, writing finance-fiction.

And finally the other two authors who present themselves as experts of the millionaire whereabouts: the grandson of an African dictator, and Olivier Keravel, a journalist.

At least, this is the information I found googling them.

But my point is, if there are so many sorts of books published, and so different author profiles, we have a choice:

On the kind of author we are going to become.


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