May 4 – Coffee Parisien

Hello dear May,

here is a place – or scenery- I visited twice today: once for lunch, a burger, and four hours later, for a pancake. Yes, it is a small restaurant inspired by North-American cooking in a very central area, Odéon. Prices are reasonable compared to other restaurants around, and the quality is quite good. This is a reason why I pay my respects there quite often, especially on Sundays.

Why couldn’t I have the pancake just after the burger? Maybe because I wanted to chat again with the barman, a theatrical actor; or because I left to meet some friends in between. And this restaurant is not a convenient scenery for a friendly meeting and discussion; a bit noisy, though charming.

The scenery or stage is very important to perform adequately our roles. That is why certain places become our “headquarters”. The café of the meeting for example, was adequate for people who wanted to stay there at least two hours.

The scenery is important for event organizers. And not only for them. In the Coffee Parisien I went alone and tried to finish as soon as possible. In the café, we were three, and another three people joined us at different moments. At some point, we discussed dress up parties. A reason people like them, is the possibility to step into a new character. They represent a kind of holiday from our everyday identity and challenges.

Acting is another way to live other lives and realities. It can be liberating for those who perform and also for those who watch the performance.

I thought that if we want to change the play of our life, we’d better be careful in our choice of the stage and characters.

At the end of the day I had an idea on the leading actor for my event and emailed to invite him.