May 5- on hybrid relationships: brownie cheesecake

Hello dear sunny May,

I spent big part of the day preparing a proposal for my Parisian mentor. He is just back from New York, he told me, jet lagged.

My idea for the proposal, is to use a project, I worked on last year and take it to the next level. Create a fusion with my mentor’s former experience. A hybrid, in a way.

I already had a project partner, L. He is a few years older, charming, dynamic, an example of a great guy. Married with three kids, and always busy. No wonder why. He leaves big part of the responsibility to me, since he is involved in other events also.

I avoided the Platform, because I didn’t want to run into irrelevant people. I stayed in my neighborhood, did research online, looked into books, magazines, talked to people, in order to get ready.

And yes, I went to a café with a nice ambiance, to put things together and eat a patisserie, a wonderful hybrid of cheese cake and brownie. It definitely stimulated my brain cells.

L was on the phone, he teased me about my blogging activity: I should use all my time to advance with the project! If only he knew I had also been daydreaming about B, the café guy that I have not seen in his usual place this Saturday! Things seemed to go well, – we are on speaking terms- and then I panicked and acted cold. He seemed wonderful, what if he was and I fell in love with him? After all, we don’t have a similar background.

But in the same way, a brownie and a cheese cake were not meant to fuse. Hybrid situations can be very successful after all.

P.S. The photo of Rose Bakery where I went, comes from this blog:

Rose Bakery au Bon Marché