May 28- from caterpillar to butterfly: a metamorphosis

Dear May,

I am in a fairy tale mood today. The day has been full of surprises and inspired me to look for resources in this magic world I have never abandoned. How does Cinderella get her confidence in the palace ball? Was it the intervention of the fairy god-mother? The beautiful dress? The miracles she had just witnessed?

Or was she already at the threshold, she had already transformed her internal world?

What I mean is, let’s imagine for a second that the fairy god-mother entered the wrong house, dressed and offered to any other girl to take her to the ball as if she were a princess. Would that be enough for her to act as one?

Any girl is potentially a princess, but I think we need to feel worthy of it. Having other people tell you so is just not enough.

Let’s take the example of the butterfly. There are four stages: the eggs, the larva, the caterpillar which becomes a chrysalis; This chrysalis doesn’t give any particular sign of life. But what really happens is that she is preparing in secret for a metamorphosis: and when the time comes, she emerges as a stunning butterfly.

This is why this metamorphosis is like a miracle.

But in reality, it is a sequel of little, invisible steps that makes the big difference!