May 9- Into the Woods again: the Jardin des Plantes

Hello dear May,

you want to know if I have been progressing today? I will give you some elements, so you can be the judge of it!

The day was dedicated to a meeting, concerning a big event which will take place mid-July in Paris. No, not my event in the South of France, which is much smaller, just one day at the end of July; if mine is as big as a teaspoon, the Paris event is as the Eiffel Tower. You see what I mean.

International artists will be present for a week. I participate in the organizing team, and we were to meet in order to discuss practical details like: the final program, where people could stay in the midst of a very touristic period, what they should eat, and also, some suggestions for their free time –if they’ll have any. How to publicize the whole thing, and if we could do it without money: this becomes a habit 😉

I volunteer, and at the same time, learnt a lot, since the other participants have more experience than me in the subject.

The funniest part was the tour that one of the members suggested: he showed us photos and a trajectory of a walk he was proposing: the highlight was a photo of the “Jardin des Plantes”, with a statue of a dinosaur. His suggestion was not approved. But still, it is interesting to see how different views we have on what is valuable in the city.

I am not a big fan of the dinosaur statue, but it is a question of perspective. I agree the “Jardin des Plantes” is a magnificent botanical garden, where as they say “you learn about plants as you walk”. By the way, it was founded by king Louis XIII in 1635 as a garden for medicinal plants.

Maybe I just need to loosen up a little and go “into the woods” to meet the big bad wolf, the dinosaur, or whatever magnificent creature might be hiding there. After all, surprises are possible even in the square close to my home.

It is spring!

For the Paris Botanical Garden: