May 26- How to solve a dilemma?

Dear May,

I had promised you to go to bed early so that I get up early in the morning. But this last email was difficult to write. It took me at least an hour. No, it isn’t long. Just a paragraph.

But I needed to ask for help without being clingy. I was writing to the member of a committee that decides tomorrow for the funding of one of my projects. A person that I appreciate and would also like to invite to the event I organize this summer in the South of France. Both are very important for me.

I didn’t want to say something like: Hello, I am April. I would like to invite you to an artistic event that I organize this summer in the South of France. Oh, and by the way, I have another project that needs funding. The vote is casted tomorrow. Can you vote in favor?

I felt the only way out was to make a choice: either the invitation to the event, or the vote. I only invited him to participate to my summer event.

The same thing goes with love I think. Let’s say that I am in love with A and he seems to like me too. But we have just been acquainted. I cannot say for example: A, you are such a charming person, I am in love with you. And oh, by the way, could you do this and that favor for me?

This second part destroys the authenticity of the feeling.

If my love for A is more important than my desire to get x y or z, I would need to choose.

Putting too many demands at the beginning of a relationship doesn’t seem right. Even later.

There is not one human being I think, that should answer all our needs, simultaneously.

Not even our self.


3 thoughts on “May 26- How to solve a dilemma?

  1. i have heard it said that the best way to create strong business contacts, customers and so on, is on the foundations of good personal relationships. i have also heard never mix business with pleasure. i suppose in your case and any other no one can tell you what is best to do for you. may i suggest you consider that if you are torn between two choices that you consider what is at stake in the worst case scenario and if the reward out ways the risk of loss than by all means risk it. fate favors the daring or so i have heard it said. you may also wish to consider in conversation it is always best to premise a business request from a personal acquainted to you with “i dont know for sure if this request is appropriate, and i would appreciate if you gave it some thought. should you decide to decline because you feel the least bit uncomfortable about the request your choice against you. (state the request) again i dont want to put you on the spot but i could really use your help and if you decline, again please know that i would never hold your choice against you. and if you like we could never speak of it again and behave as if i never asked in the first place, the premise should help them to understand that the issue of the request and the friendship ate two different things. of course you are leveraging the friendship for the request but you certainly dont want to risk losing it. if the friend is willing and able to comply everyone knows a friend in need is in fact a friend in deed. i hope it works out.

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