June 22- The art of being passionate, provocative and diplomatic

Hello June,

you want to know how I spent my Sunday? No you want me to know if there is any progress related to my objectives. Well yes, there is.

For the first part of the day I saw a couple of friends. I asked the girl, in her early twenty’s, what is her objective. She is in Paris for six months now, and I thought I might be of help. She took my question as an intrusion, and responded that for the moment she is waiting for the universe to inspire her something she could even die for, and then she will take action. Although I was a bit annoyed to find myself in the role of a parental figure who is controlling, I can’t help respecting passionate people.

Later, I had dinner with a completely different person: an actor I have met three years’ ago, and he is passing by through Paris. He is very diplomatic and capable to understand different sides. I wanted to see if there would be a possibility for a future collaboration. He is someone I get along well, and I like his work. Were he available from a romantic point of view it would have been great, but no. Anyway, he is also involved in some form of collaboration with the wannabe boss. But this is almost over, after a tour they have recently done. So I jumped in and I offered a new perspective.

Now, is this the best way to deal with my wannabe boss? My friend thinks I should avoid any form of conflict and try to be as humble as possible, showing him how intelligent, powerful etc he is. I have been acting in a proud way. As if the world were mine and hierarchy didn’t exist.

I am sorry I left my feelings getting involved, but I like to be treated with respect. I also admit having a side that likes to create a nice “scene”; something that could be part of a future novel. It kind of amuses me even if it is dangerous.

Anyway, this event belongs to the past, it happened a year and a half ago; the question is the present and the future.

My purpose is to advance with my writing and the artistic projects that are so dear to me.

With people who are also enthusiastic and who support each other in co-creating.

Just to illustrate my point, the sculpture of Eros and Psyche by Antonio Canova, both indispensable for creation!


File:Eros and Psyche.jpg


4 thoughts on “June 22- The art of being passionate, provocative and diplomatic

  1. One of my favorite sculptures, certainement.

    It is difficult when one sees Beauty and Truth all around to not always share it with people (as some do not want to hear it and some are not ready to receive it). I believe this is the origin of the Divine Madness that we so often speak of when describing great artists of old. Thank you for capturing these moments for us.


  2. I agree with your feelings every person should have the most important thing in life…Respect for self no matter what.
    I’m so glad to see that you are doing in life what is dear to you. That is the best thing we can do to ourselves after all we have one life. I also think that we should not waste our time thinking about people who bother us in anyway rather focus on all those others who make us smile. 🙂
    May you get the best!
    It’s so good to connect with so many people & their thoughts through blogging. Thanks for sharing the beautiful Sculpture.

    • Thank you for reacting to my post, and for your wishes! A blog is certainly a new channel for our thoughts and emotions. And I feel very lucky to have suggestions, ideas and advice in the form of comments 🙂

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