June 21- The celebration of music in Paris

Happy Music day, dear June!

Summer is officially here and it goes hand in hand with the celebration of Music in Paris! Music groups, instrument players and singers of all kinds sing, play for free all over the city. In the streets, in bars, in public buildings. Everywhere!

A few years ago I was singing “Sumertime” with a band of my University at the boulevard de Montparnasse. It was really fun! This time the idea was to attend a private concert, organized by a friend of a friend, who got me an invitation. The pianist Sarah Lavaud played Janacek, her favorite repertoire, and it was quiet an experience! I feel lucky to have discovered her work! An artist with a special way to mediate emotions we didn’t even know we had!

In my way home, I was discussing art and emotions: how is it possible for an artist to become a “medium” to channel collective and personal feelings, without becoming overwhelmed? An actress told me it is something you learn with experience, and not everybody finds a balance. She knew of actors who were excellent artists but were swept over by the artistic experience and had to stop. This was one of the reasons I haven’t become an actress. Writing was for me a vehicle to express emotions; in a way that gives a sense of balance; between the powers that can tear us apart and keep us alive at the same time: our passions!

2 thoughts on “June 21- The celebration of music in Paris

  1. Hey, cheers for the like on my little Vec Makropulos blurb 🙂 anyway, regarding your post, acting vs. writing is an interesting subject. Is writing safer? Maybe, but you can also end up embellishing everything even in simple conversations 😉 it’s always wise to build some emotional walls and to use them as the need arises.

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