June 1rst- love and plumbing

Welcome June,

you have arrived kind of timidly for a summer month, cloudy, but there were sun beams here and there to remind us that the best is yet to come.

For the biggest part of the day, I was cloudy, I have to admit, and concerned with two questions: love, and plumbing, or house repairs. There were discussions, points of view, some concentrated effort, but it didn’t bring the results hoped for. At least for the moment.

I don’t have an installation for a washing machine and two friends came by to counsel me how to do it with the least possible expenses. There was also a question on electricity, since I had one or two problems in the new apartment I have moved to. My neighbors are just wonderful; they came by to give a hand and a point of view.

But, despite the work and the synergy, I will not yet be able to wash clothes in this machine. There are more things to do, tools to buy, and then I need to go back to my experts for help. Because no, this is not my “tasse de thé”, in other words, I am not very knowledgeable in these topics.

Love questions were tuned in the same frequency. After an interaction with B that was nice but left me confused as to whether we are flirting or not, I had the same feeling as with the plumbing and electricity questions.

I cannot do without them, but time and effort is required to resolve certain issues.