November 27- Did the wannabe boss win?

Dear November,

today I had a meeting with the wannabe boss, the no 2 of the Platform and his lieutenant. A meeting I was not exactly looking forward to.

Just to remind you, the Platform is a constellation related to art; a place where I am associated to, as a free-lance. They give me a space to operate, and cover some expenses when I suggest the realization of an exhibition for example.

I thought that being there was giving me some connexions and credibility; but it doesn’t guarantee any income for me. And the man who became the Platform no 2, saw himself as a “boss” who can rule in an authoritarian and disrespectful, in my opinion, way.

I had challenged him in the past, by answering back to his insults: he was telling me last year that the Platform is too important and I am not able to organize sufficiently important international events (I report this in the nicest possible way, it was more nasty). He had forgotten to mention that last year was the first time I had some means concretely for “spectacular” events.

After this meeting, that triggered the creation of my blog, I concentrated on my work. I accomplished all the objectives he had set, saying that they were too big for me. But of course, he wasn’t happy. During the whole year, he did his best to make my life difficult and sabotage my projects. But they succeeded.

I tried to go to the Big Boss and for some moral support, in order to get out of his sphere of influence. But the Big Boss refered me to his no 2, the wannabe boss. It was feeding Christians to the lions.

And the lion, with his assistant, wereready to devour me today. The wannabe boss didn’t want to look at my work, he just let me know that I would have to leave the Platform by February 2015. They restructure and change their objectives, that was his reason.

I told him I understand there is an institutional logic and thanked him for the interesting experience I had at the Platform. He wasn’t happy I took it so “well”. And started to count all the benefits that I would miss. How did I dare not to be hurt? Or hurt enough? May be I didn’t realize it was such a big deal!

How do I feel now? Relief

It was no longer productive for me to stay close to a man who undermines everything I do and tries to put me down in every possible way. I performed “miracles” the last year, I even found private funding for my activities. But no matter what, nothing is good enough for him, if I keep my independent, carefree smile in my face.

And it is my most precious treasure.

For some time, the Platform has allowed connections to the art world; but now, under the rule of the wannabe boss, it is not any more a place I desire to be.

I have dreams, and they need love and loving people, in order to come to life.

Goodbuy wannabe boss, you have been my muse for some time.

The moment has come to become my own Boss.


7 thoughts on “November 27- Did the wannabe boss win?

  1. How empowering, tapping into ones greatness, truth and passion, I really resonate with your blog.
    Well Done!
    As I have written on my latest blog …

    “And from here, I can only go forward, shaping my life story into a magnificent tale of triumph, of healing of courage, of beauty, of wisdom, of power, of dignity, and of love.”

    Much Love

  2. A resonating piece, this post. Strange: this picture, Audrey Hepburn, connects with your story in this post, about you. Audrey has such a carefree face with elegance, and a life-theme of pushing through life’s resistance. I applaud you for sticking to your guns, not letting the little-boy-wannabe-boss have his victory. Last thought: a book by Townsend & Cloud, entitled “Safe People”, comes to mind when I consider this “unsafe” person who was unwisely positioned as a supervisor of people. Onward, towards greater success, for you. Please excuse my long reply.

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