November 13- Paris getting ready for Christmas: time for a wish

Dear November,

with birthday and Christmas approaching, I feel like it is time for a wish. Super models have come to Paris to inaugurate the Christmas collections and decorations of the biggest department stores: Galleries Laffayette, Printemps, … super models Jerry Hall, Kate Moss and Cara Delevigne.

But my favorite department store is the “Bon Marché”, that makes you feel part of a fairy tale: -)

Actually the photo is from last year’s decoration, because this year it is even more beautiful…

What did you ask? How about my goals? Of course I have been focusing on them… Funding the artistic project, contacting senior artists and people from the art world to get some support… I started telling around me that I am a candidate…

Apart from that I actually prepare my rendezvous with the wannabe boss next week, but couldn’t I use a distraction?