November 5- Third day of challenge: meeting the big boss

Dear November

this morning I had a meeting with the big boss of the Platform. My objective was to go around the no 2, the wannabe boss, but this objective didn’t work: he told me what I do is fine, but he is occupied with other things, and it is no 2 who decides about the people and who stays there.

And the wannabe boss with his assistant are waiting for me next week. Hmm, I was not thrilled to hear that, but I smiled and just said that I don’t know if I am a favorite with the wannabe boss these times… Big boss reassured me that wannabe boss will look at the quality of my work and not personal questions…

Ok, then I will do my best.

Later I was walking in one of the Platform’s corridors and as I was turning right towards the elevators I came face to face with the wannabe boss 🙂 I was taken by surprise and made a “aha” sound, but so did he, and in a moment I was saved by two Platform employers who arrived.

It was kind of funny, but that made me tense, and I advanced on the project, but felt that I used a lot of energy at this meetings; No 1 and 2 of the Platform on the same day, this is something… 🙂

Then, I felt my confidence lower, am I writing a good proposal, is this an original idea, do I find the right words to express it, does it have a structure? Does it look professional enough?

Will I get any support on this? I don’t even have enough time to ask around…

After all these questions, some chocolate and a walk in the park, “limitations are self-imposed”

The important thing is that I love this project! I finally came up with an idea that inspires me!

Is it too ambitious? Maybe, but even if this funding application comes too early, I can make it better and submit it again!

Isn’t it great to feel that I might contribute something to the world!