August 10- The Beauty of Full Moon

Dear August,

what a beautiful moon! I have been out in one of my hometown cafés’ with a friend and her children. Another friend joined us later. My friend’s daughter complained because her brother was tearing her hair. I told her: look at the moon, isn’t it wonderful? The biggest full moon of the year! Everything else seems to be of no importance.

Everything else should turn in this direction; every meaningless conversation or preoccupation should cease; the presence of a full moon and the stars at night make us realize we are on a planet that is part of a bigger system; and help us place our ideas into perspective.

In this beautiful photo, that I found in the French Express magazine, a Greek ancient temple, a human masterpiece is pictured with a tree and the full moon, representing beauty at a different scale. la plus belle "super lune" se produira ce dimanche 10 août

5 thoughts on “August 10- The Beauty of Full Moon

  1. I’m so waiting for tonight to see the beautiful moon. You are so right everything else should turn in this direction. I’m filled with awe every time I see the starry night & the full glowing moon.

    • You’re welcome! I can’t take credit neither for the picture, nor for the supermoon, but it is great to be part of a community that enjoyed the evening in their company! 😉

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