January 9, 2017-Beautify 2017!

Hello January,

to kickstart the year in the best possible way, an idea is to contemplate beauty, or if there is not anything at hand look in the mirror 😉 we are a miracle, even when we just wake up in the morning.

If a way to attract luck is to make positive changes to ourselves, how do we recognise our secret talents and bring them to the surface? Something like super-heroes in becoming?

So we have inner beauty and secret talents, and we need somehow to bring them to the surface and use them for the common good: that is what superheroes and superheroines usually do. Ok, they might have a trauma they need to get over, but don’t we all?

You're Beautiful-CY193


October 26, 2015- New friendships

How was your day October?

partly sunny partly cloudy? Well for London it couldn’t get better!Do you know how that made us humans feel? As an unexpected and surprising gift.

This is how I feel when someone I don’t know very well, manifests a form of kindness to me. In a way I can’t explain. It takes me by surprise, and can move me to tears.

Almost as having a sunny autumn day in London.

Having a friend, or a lover, a parent, a colleague, being nice to us, is something which we could more or less expect. After all, this seems to be the definition of their role. Or people who depend on us. Or with whom we went to school together. Or who were born in the same small town.

But strangers? So a new friend, someone who shows generosity to me when I need it, and when I least expect it, just makes me feel that love, beauty and truth are as real as trees and cars.

Love is in the air…



February 22- “Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.”

Dear February,

I meant to do a lot of things today, but I finally had a very close relationship with my couch and my bed’s quilt for the first part of the day. Outside it was raining, and only latter I met some friends for brunch. It was nice to catch up. Among them, there was a “tourist”, friend of a friend, who just arrived in Paris and had a few questions.

“Where can I find contemporary artists and painters”? He asked me. Are there cafés, bars, specific places, as we see in films of the “Midnight in Paris” type?

Another friend answered he should visit these ancient hangouts but he shouldn’t expect anything similar today, but I am much more optimistic.

There might not be “a” particular café for all the intelligentsia of Paris. Still, there are a lot of artists, of every kind, Parisians and people visiting, “intermittent du spectacle”, writers, actors and actrices, philosophers.

Much more scattered I think than during the “golden era”, as it is represented in films. Now there are social media and may be there is a different way to work. In my neighborhood for example, I see well-known authors, or at the place we branched there are a lot of actors and people of the media.

Are they as brilliant as …X, Y, Z? How would we know for sure?

When Van Gogh was trying to sell his paintings no one was interested. They worshiped painters who have been forgotten and we have never heard of today.

If there is a flow of ideas, imagination, creativity, things happen.

But you still need time to discover. And the eyes to see 🙂

“Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.”


Picasso à Céret


August 10- The Beauty of Full Moon

Dear August,

what a beautiful moon! I have been out in one of my hometown cafés’ with a friend and her children. Another friend joined us later. My friend’s daughter complained because her brother was tearing her hair. I told her: look at the moon, isn’t it wonderful? The biggest full moon of the year! Everything else seems to be of no importance.

Everything else should turn in this direction; every meaningless conversation or preoccupation should cease; the presence of a full moon and the stars at night make us realize we are on a planet that is part of a bigger system; and help us place our ideas into perspective.

In this beautiful photo, that I found in the French Express magazine, a Greek ancient temple, a human masterpiece is pictured with a tree and the full moon, representing beauty at a different scale.

http://www.lexpress.fr/actualite/societe/environnement/astronomie-la-plus-belle-super-lune-se-produira-ce-dimanche-10-aout_1565320.htmlAstronomie: la plus belle "super lune" se produira ce dimanche 10 août