July 10,2015- Love and work

Here I am again July,

with another deadline to join an artistic team and plan something with them; I need to explain my vision and how it fits there in just a few hours… wish me luck!

I had a hard time to start this morning, my brain was not easy to get together, since last night I saw again someone I had been in love with in the past, and this was enough to disorganize me for a while. Questions arose: how come we couldn’t understand each other despite the attraction? Should we trust our instinct? And things like that.

But this is not the moment for a diatribe on love and relationships.

Nor questions like: do my colleagues like my work? Will those in power positions help me somehow?

I need to like what I do enough and have faith in it.

Believe there is something in my project that connects me to the rest of humanity … and this common and yet strange element will be my success recipe!

Recipe for Success