July 11, 2017- What to do when you fall on a star :-) -Correcting your course

Hello July,

so what if I fall on a star, and the moon is still further away?

The first reaction is to feel unsatisfied, after all, this star was not where I was aiming for. And feel guilty. I should have done this and this and that. Or feel powerless. After all, I seem to have objectives and I don’t fulfill them as I should. And then, if I accept the result, does it make me someone who is stuck there?

Feeling bad about oneself is wasting our time.

I have tried it, it just gives you unwelcome psychosomatic annoyances.

Change objectives?

Well, if they are changing every day you lose a sense of direction.

But they can be a little bit flexible.

How about creating exceptions and correcting our course?

Here is how it can go/

I am great anyway, and objective X is worthwhile.

I said that I would wake up at 5.30 and today I woke up at 9.00.

I needed this because last week I took a business trip and I needed time to recover.

So much the better.

Instead of feeling guilty I give myself a free day, for rest but also for taking a mental vacation out of everything and reorienting myself towards the North Star.


September 27, 2016: A Paris, … again!

Hello September,

or should I say , hello Paris! Here I am again, and it is a sunny beautiful day that I found myself in the Eurostar, taking me to the Gare du Nord. Because I need to find a nice person to sublet my cute place in Paris.

Yes, I still want to keep it. It has been one of the reasons I was resisting the idea of change: where do you find these caf├ęs, Italian traiteurs, wonderful neighbours and fresh vegetables?





May 11, 2016- Post day 16: preparing for a new trip to France and questions on love

Yes dear May,

what do you mean again? This time the trip to France is for my work: our team in London has an artistic project with some local artists. Believe it or not, after so many years living in Paris, I haven’t yet been to Rouen although it is only an hour or so by train. I am looking forward to visiting the famous cathedral and the historical old city.

But there is also a presentation of our artistic project I will need to do and this is not finished the time we are speaking. Why? I had some romantic questions on my mind. Am I in love again?

I am looking for the symptoms in the same way as I look for symptoms of the flu. I could be.

The situation concerns a Portuguese artist who is temporarily in London and we have become closer lately. But I realize that I have started thinking of him quiet a lot. Our approach to art is very different. He seems to be critical of mine and this is kind of tiring, to be honest. On the other hand I find him attractive.

Other people in my place would have taken action, been to hundreds of tinder rendezvous… Instead I have intellectual conversations with international artists which have not evolved into something romantic, … yet.


July 2nd, 2015- From Istanbul to Paris

Welcome July!

I just came back to Paris from Istanbul, and the temperature is not what I would have expected: we are like cookies baking in the oven, with high temperatures, whereas in Istanbul, there was an agreeable sea breeze.

I feel a little bit overwhelmed, a lot of things happened, but the most important is that I have made progress in ways I couldn’t have expected.

The artistic event I had been planing was a success and I will get back to you with more details as soon as I empty my suitcase!

What I liked the most? The Bosphorus cruise on our last day, was quiet amazing!