June 8 and 9, 2016: looking forward to the Blogger’s Bash in London

Hello June,

so there is this blogger meeting, the Blogger’s Bash I intend to attend for the first time, and meet people who share the same passion: writing and publishing something on line on a regular basis!

In the meanwhile, I have been dealing with practical questions: how to keep my environment organized, satisfy my flatmate who thinks I don’t clean the surfaces in the Kitchen every time I finish cooking -she might have a point- with creative writing, organizing my next artistic event and also looking for funding opportunities for another round in the UK.

Hmmm… and last but not least, I need to walk more than 15.000 steps a day so that our team wins the trophee at the working platform I am attached to.

So, where is the time for romance? Passion? Exhuberation? Soul searching?

To be honest, I start from soul-searching and being open to inspiration.

This is why I can forget spraying Dettol on the kitchen or to put my clothes in order.

This is also the reason why I start my working day after lunch.

And why I finish so late!

Do I want to change that?

I like writing late, the feeling that I am the only person around.

There is something rebellious about it, I am not sure I can find early in the morning.

What do you think?

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Bloggers Bash – The Ultimate FAQ

March 12- How to extend Time and Luck

Hello March,

would you have an idea on the question of luck and time? If only we cold clone ourself and send our different selves to the errands we want to fulfill it would be just great. Or if we could extend time so that the day would last twice as much, and the same with our energy. But then, this is why our time and experience is so precious, because it is rare, and our attention is the best gift we can offer to someone we love.

On the other hand, you are right, what would I do with all the time in the world and an army of clones if they don’t do the right thing? It is like having employed people without any qualification and unwilling to learn.

The solution? Good Luck :-), or the “miracle solution”.

Did I see you smile? I got it this time?

I found a post with interesting ideas on luck. Just to resume some main ideas, we need to be like children, experienced but daring middle-aged and wise elderly. especially, the lucky attitude is not afraid of contradictions. You keep all your options open.

Work, but also be relaxed. Focus, but take it easy.

When it comes to relationships, it would be work on a relationship but also smile to the attractive guy who is sitting next to you at the Parisian café.

Ok I might exaggerate a bit, but well…

If I get back to my affairs, I was late with many things, but I have fulfilled the step no 2 and 3 for my March 13 challenge. I just need to work today and tomorrow and take it easy;

This year my proposal is much better than last year.

I am proud because I see progress.

Now, the only thing missing is that the others also see it, and unanimously agree to hand me the position 🙂

Luckily 🙂

Good Luck Google Rock






August 3- Travelers

Dear August,

people come and go, we are travelling space, time, dimensions… for the time being the last two artists left my hometown for their respective countries; they had come to a tiny village at the South of France, close to my hometown, just to participate at the artistic event I was co-organizing.That happens to be close to my hometown.

Just? Or was it that the South of France is a wonderful place to be in the summer? Can I take credit for Cannes or Antibes? Barely so.

Anyway, they were happy to be here, although they found the organization a bit “amateur”, which is right. Nether I nor my hometown partner are professional organizers in a way. We are also artists, doing our best.

amateurs or not, our main objective was accomplished: create a good “ambiance” for people to feel at home and exchange. Also for me, despite the feeling of responsibility, it was great having them around. Learning more about their work, exploring future collaborations. But it has also generated some extra work, not to mention some communication problems 🙂

It was only 2.00 when I went to bed. My last visitor arrived at about 10.00 from her tour at some of the most beautiful spots and she would take the first train in the morning to the closest airport. I had promised to host her at my parent’s house; they were very kind to allow their place to become an airport: with people landing and taking off at different times of the day.

How do we relate to travelers in our lives? It is exciting to have them near by, because they open a window to far away places and experiences. After all, we are all travelers.

But there are some, we would like to travel with 🙂


coastline south west france image