December 30, 2020- Making space for what is important, day 14- preparing a zoom party for New Year’s Eve

Hello December,

with the year nearly over, I found myself in a melancholic mood, thinking of things or people or situations I would like to have, or be with, and I don’t.

Was this an excuse for neglecting my hair for some time? The next step was feeling grumpy and starting to criticise two of my friends. That means I really am in a bad mood and look for someone to take the blame. Then I scolded the cat. Then I thought, wait a second: is it worth it?

Is it really time to become “the Grinch” from the homonymous film?

Yes, I have indulged myself to cakes and turkey, and I felt lazy, so the workaholic in me has started the criticism; it was like: “why haven’t you finished the chapter you have promised, neither corrected the copies for your teaching job?”, and then “look at you, what kind of a lockdown degradation is this?” or “why did you push men away with your attitude”? Actually, when I wrote down these critics, I realised they are not very coherent. This reveals their lack of pertinence and the BS they involve.

Wake up April! I told myself. Have your hair done, and prepare a nice réveillon or “réveillon de la Saint Sylvestre”, or New Year’s Eve! Take care of your surroundings and open up a Marie Condo book, to make Santa feel welcome!