October 19, 2020-Making time for what is important, day 2

Hello October,

yes, I did go to sleep half an hour earlier, but the cat woke me up at 4.30, probably because she wanted to play. Result, I slept until 8.00, but that’s ok.

Next thing, to waken up my spirit also, not just my body, moving around the house; did I have fruit? kind of… I had some leftovers of yesterdays’ cake.

Let’s get some fruit now, as I am writing; yes!

ok I just had an orange and a banana.

So, let’s go for a sugar free week, with some slight exceptions of 70 per cent dark chocolate; Sugar light week?

So, what is important? Taking care of ourselves, and feeling we deserve to be healthy, prosperous, with our most important needs fulfilled…

Getting some help hasn’t hurt anyone either… from our friends, in any form they come… per

May 9 and 10, 2020- Doubts and light at the end of the tunnel

Hello May,

yes, on Saturday I had a bad mood: no sign of my colleague who proposed a collaboration. Maybe she didn’t like my work, maybe I tried for nothing…

I kind of felt disempowered. …

And on top of that … family issues…

But Sunday, was another day!

I started with Beatles: Here comes the sun!

And apparently, it’s. good choice!

My colleague responded: there is an interest from an editor, but we need to work out something by the end of May… OMG!