August 16, 2019- Short holiday in the South of France

Hello August,

yes, I managed to take some last-minute holidays, yes, I decided it in the afternoon, I was out there next morning. Where? In the South of France of course, close to my hometown.

Just to remind you, my parents live up in the mountains, it’s a long drive to the seaside. And with this and that, family issues, aunt dying at the end of July, holidays were the last thing.

But there is a moment when enough is enough: and I was like, yes I am going NOW!

I started calling here and there, you can imagine that everything is reserved mid-August, in one of the most touristic areas. And yes, my friends have made plans ages ago, there was no way I could join. My love prospects also.

I met someone charming who has just started working and whose job will include touring France.

Hmm, so yes, a last-minute room in Saint-Tropez with a cousin who owns a small but charming hotel in the area.

And you must keep in mind that I am kind of broke these days.

Still, believing in your luck, or making connexions might save the day, and find oneself looking at this beautiful scenery without knowing how it happened. I accepted to help out to return the favour, but still, I got a chance to swim and fool around enough to make it worth the while.

And dance, of course, dance!

Yes, it has been a wonderful breath of fresh air, a way to recharge my energy, after a studious, hot and full of events summer!

Saint Tropez -- city of luxury in South France

July 3- Red and white: passion and innocence

Dear July,

today it was a beautiful day maybe a bit hot in the afternoon, but such a wonderful evening! Nice temperature, not too hot, just what you need for a romantic date. Was I out on a date? No, I was out with two good friends. We talked about this and that, life, relationships, school memories, holidays, …

We went by the river, a lot of deck chairs with red and white stripes. They start symbolizing for me this month of July. I realize now a lot of flags use them, … I just googled this and it appears that red stands for bravery and white for innocence and purity. I will have a thought for the American friends tomorrow 🙂

To go back to red and white, there is something very lively about it, something that puts you in a good humor no matter what. Dynamic and relaxed at the same time.

And today I was also dressed in these colours, to match the deck chairs and my mood.

In terms of work, I managed to advance with the July event in the South of France. When it comes to accommodation projects, N is nowhere to be found. He gave me his mobile phone number to book together an apartment for him, his friend, and me.

Has he changed his mind? I think that everything will fall into place, but we have a lot of action before the day of the event.

My friends advised me not to count a lot on N. Especially from a romantic perspective. I think they are absolutely right. The red and white deck chairs were occupied, so we left the river and we found a quiet restaurant.

With red chairs again. Now it was a question of school teachers and the memories we have of them. Some touching, funny and infuriating stories came up. I mentioned my blog. What would be its objective for July?

Well, the red stripe is a job in my field. I have recently succeeded on the first round of the funding competition. The next one is on August 5, and if I pass there will be a third and final one.

The white stripe will be love: Get inspiration from fantasy, and act in my reality.


July 2- In the mood for summer

Hello July,

I was supposed to try to improve every day, but I feel like being a rebel today! I have a lot of things to do, applications for funding, artistic project, writing etc, but the main objective of the month will be: to have fun!

What is to have fun? Play, enjoy the moment, eat nice things, love, just to give a few ideas.

Now, is this serious? I don’t know! Being serious all the time is not very efficient, I think.

In order to finish the day “en beautĂ©”, I went for a drink with a good friend, one I haven’t seen for a several months. We had to catch up. Her idea was that people become more and more strange. With insecurities, imbalances, issues. Could it be that Parisians -and I include different cultures and nationalities here- become more imbalanced with time? Or is it related to growing up and being more attentive? Or is it us who become stranger and the kind of people we meet? We were of course, discussing relationships.

With people afraid of commitment, not knowing which way they want to go, ambivalent, to have or not to have children, to be in a sex friendship or a relationship, to this or to that person…

Although this friend is younger than me, I consider her more mature in relationship terms, so I was hoping to get a piece of her mind, on the different questions I have been asking myself about my love life.

I don’t know if I see things more clearly. In the end, I felt saturated with all these analysis. Analyzing and generalizing gives us a feeling of control over our world and experiences. But it is a little bit illusionary.

Oh, it doesn’t matter, as long as we realize it.

The weather was beautiful, we were siting at a terrace. Passers-by were dressing up more lightly, they were wearing a holiday mood, it is Paris in the summer, let’s enjoy it!

After all, talking in a terrace is a form of sociability. A kind of ritual.

It is not what we say that is important.

It is the fact that we meet and talk. And participate to the summer party of the city!


File:Terrasse du café, Paris July 30, 2010.jpg

June 21- The celebration of music in Paris

Happy Music day, dear June!

Summer is officially here and it goes hand in hand with the celebration of Music in Paris! Music groups, instrument players and singers of all kinds sing, play for free all over the city. In the streets, in bars, in public buildings. Everywhere!

A few years ago I was singing “Sumertime” with a band of my University at the boulevard de Montparnasse. It was really fun! This time the idea was to attend a private concert, organized by a friend of a friend, who got me an invitation. The pianist Sarah Lavaud played Janacek, her favorite repertoire, and it was quiet an experience! I feel lucky to have discovered her work! An artist with a special way to mediate emotions we didn’t even know we had!

In my way home, I was discussing art and emotions: how is it possible for an artist to become a “medium” to channel collective and personal feelings, without becoming overwhelmed? An actress told me it is something you learn with experience, and not everybody finds a balance. She knew of actors who were excellent artists but were swept over by the artistic experience and had to stop. This was one of the reasons I haven’t become an actress. Writing was for me a vehicle to express emotions; in a way that gives a sense of balance; between the powers that can tear us apart and keep us alive at the same time: our passions!