February 5- Parisian Mysteries no 3

Hello February,

how many coffees could you drink so that you concentrate without getting nervous? I think that my personal record is 4. And I did concentrate. My project should finish by the end of the week.

What do you mean you don’t care? All you want to know is if Victor Legris is drinking coffee? So now you can only concentrate on Victor’s affaires?

Ok, just because I want your help with Saint Valentine, I will tell you.

Victor prefers tea, because he has been raised in England. And he also drinks alcohol every time he goes to the café. I completely understand him, after all, he is in the middle of a crisis. Either the man who raised him is a murderer or the woman he is falling in love with, Tasha. If you drink coffee in this situation, your nerves get in an impossible state. A cognac might do better.

So, Victor is an intellectual librarian and a part-time journalist, writing the literary column at the “Passe-Partout” journal. He is also a self-appointed detective. Because suspecting people you care about, is motivation enough to start an investigation.

All this to tell you that he hasn’t even kissed Tasha until chapter 9, and there are 14 chapters as a whole. Victor is following her, he is jealous of men who could be potential lovers, in his imagination. She is an artist, a free spirit, and she has a lot of friends among the talented Impressionists in Paris.

Would it be more simple to ask her out?

After all, does he care for Tasha because he suspects her, or he suspects he because he cares for her?

Is he afraid of relationships and he needs to find some huge obstacle between them?

What do you think?





May 5- on hybrid relationships: brownie cheesecake

Hello dear sunny May,

I spent big part of the day preparing a proposal for my Parisian mentor. He is just back from New York, he told me, jet lagged.

My idea for the proposal, is to use a project, I worked on last year and take it to the next level. Create a fusion with my mentor’s former experience. A hybrid, in a way.

I already had a project partner, L. He is a few years older, charming, dynamic, an example of a great guy. Married with three kids, and always busy. No wonder why. He leaves big part of the responsibility to me, since he is involved in other events also.

I avoided the Platform, because I didn’t want to run into irrelevant people. I stayed in my neighborhood, did research online, looked into books, magazines, talked to people, in order to get ready.

And yes, I went to a café with a nice ambiance, to put things together and eat a patisserie, a wonderful hybrid of cheese cake and brownie. It definitely stimulated my brain cells.

L was on the phone, he teased me about my blogging activity: I should use all my time to advance with the project! If only he knew I had also been daydreaming about B, the café guy that I have not seen in his usual place this Saturday! Things seemed to go well, – we are on speaking terms- and then I panicked and acted cold. He seemed wonderful, what if he was and I fell in love with him? After all, we don’t have a similar background.

But in the same way, a brownie and a cheese cake were not meant to fuse. Hybrid situations can be very successful after all.

P.S. The photo of Rose Bakery where I went, comes from this blog: http://thekitchenaroundthecorner.com/2013/08/07/rose-bakery-au-bon-marche/#comments

Rose Bakery au Bon Marché

May 2- monthly update for success

Dear May,

you probably have no idea about the commitment I have taken with April, and the discussions between us- unless you were reading my blog.

To sum up, I have promised to transform myself, in order to reach two objectives important for my happiness: true love, and a real job that allows me to live from my passion.

Now, with all respect, I wouldn’t like to go back to what true love represents for me: is it more or less, living a passionate relationship with a person who is complementary: physically, intellectually, emotionally, etc; in a way that we both grow.

A real job is one that allows me to live from the things I love to do, that are meaningful: writing fiction, and organizing artistic events.

Now, I spent the greatest part of the day doing my laundry, cleaning up the house -almost- and preparing an update for you; the idea was to keep you interested, but to also recapitulate on what has been accomplished.

The question of values came up as very important:

what do I value most? It used to be freedom, and both love and “success” seemed ways to lose myself and create a distance from my main purpose.

Finding and exploring my true passion has been the other value. And I have been exploring different ways of self-realization, particularly through the arts.

But intimacy and success are finally missing and they are very important: they both involve working together with others. Collaboration is like love: not melting in each other, but completing and adding an extra value.

Now I see that intimacy and success should rise in my hierarchy of values, if there is one, and passion and freedom should follow to make sure they allow growth and not alienation.

Now that things seem clear, is this going to change the way I behave? This is my challenge for May.



April 28- Ruby Sparks

Dear April,

You want to know if I am advancing in my search for true love?

I haven’t been dating in my hometown, not exactly.

Talking to friends or watching a film, doesn’t qualify.

To begin with, what is true love?

The day ended with the film “Ruby Sparks”, written by Zoe Kazan, who personifies the role of Ruby.

To make a long story short, a young writer who has published a bestseller as an adolescent, is alone and lonely. He starts writing about his ideal woman who somehow comes into life and appears in his apartment out of the blue. She becomes his girlfriend.

Ruby, that is her name, meets his brother and rest of the family. She has become part of his reality. But this is not enough to make him happy; the ideal woman is ready to leave him. As he tries to stop her, he reveals his secret: that he is her “creator”, almost a god, and can make her do whatever he likes.

After a violent confrontation, Ruby leaves him. The writer decides to write the end of his book in a way that emancipates or “frees” his character and gives her the right to exist independently of him.

When he decides to write a book about his relationship with the woman of his dreams, his creation, it becomes a successful book. And he gets to meet a girl who looks like the “Ruby” of his dream relationship.

The line between fiction and reality is sometimes difficult to draw.

The kind of issues raised by the film is dear to my heart: I am writing, and it has happened to me to create an ideal man. Last year, I have fallen in love with someone who was making me think of this character.

But don’t we all, at some point, want to “transform” a little bit, a person we love or like, to match our “ideal”? Isn’t a list of desired attributes a way to control and frame the existence of another, so that it is impossible to hurt us?

The thing is, if it is impossible to hurt us, maybe we get bored and walk out of this “perfect” person.

Freedom is so important! A friend has told me that love is not to melt in one another, but to become emerged by the other without losing our unique qualities.

Our potential to become!

Writing, fiction, forms of creation are ways to stretch our own, but also other people’s identity; to propose a platform where we can meet.