October 23, 2015- Flatmate found!

Dear October

just thank you for puting a word for me! Yes, Yes, Yes I found a flatmate!What do I know about this person? Almost nothing.

My future flatmate is a French woman working for a private company. When she visited, she seemed practical and efficient. Capable to share the rent and eager to move in right away.

Is this the first time I live with almost total strangers? No. The very first time was when I went camping, and I was 8 year’s old.

The very next, when I moved from my small town to Paris, to study. I stayed at a student’s residence and I was sharing a room. It was the only thing I could get and afford before the term begun. It worked out ok.

I later moved to my own room, but there was still the shower and kitchen to share with other four people.

We ended up as friends, or something different: the kind of relationship you have with school mates. Or for men who go to the army with their fellow soldiers. I guess :-).

In any case, finding a flatmate is a huge relief and I look forward to my new life in London, which starts to become quiet organized.

The last thing I wait for to start working seriously on my art project is a generous funding 😉

Tips for finding the perfect flatmate