June 15 and 16, 2016: Self-presentation and success ;-)

Hello June,

does it make a difference if you are dressed on a suit or with jeans and snickers? I had a conversation with a British Musician playing rock music. He thought people in suits don’t always treat him with respect in everyday interactions.

I have also observed that when I fall out of bed in the morning and go for coffee in my home-jeans with my hair messed up, I might get refused to plug-in my computer, whereas another day I am welcomed. Oh, and that day I have put some make up on and I am more carefully dressed.

Should appearances define the way we are perceived?

Am I doing the same thing on my side?

I couldn’t say that I am completely innocent, hmm…

In any case, should we pay more attention in the ’emballage’ or the content? Make sure are work is of good quality, or pay attention to the packaging of our ideas? Or maybe both?

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to delegate?

Should we just conform or be rebel and creative instead?

What do you think?

In any case, I have decided to get up earlier and resolve the packaging issues as soon as possible!

Dress for Success

January 22- The stolen gmail address, the laundry place and the French actress

Dear January,

I run into a mystery today, and nothing prepared me for that. I simply went to the nearest laundry place. There are washing machines and dryers -very practical if you don’t have one at home. The place was packed with four women, all speaking english and two of them seemed to be in the middle of an argument. I didn’t get the reason, but when the first lady left, the second explained to the rest of us, her version:

To make a long story short, they were both Americans. Lady no 2 had a gmail address and for some reason couldn’t use it the last month. She had received a gmail message that her email belonged to someone else, and this someone else had the exact same name. Lady no 2 was sure someone had usurped her electronic address, and was after this individual.

And oh, surprise, she found the author of the crime, by accident, at the laundry place, just there. It was lady no 1. The two women started talking about washing powder maybe and somehow they mentioned their names, that should have been quiet similar. What is more, they lived in the same neighborhood. Lady no 1 denied having done anything wrong and she also told lady no 2 they had common friends.

The two women had about the same age, and seemed to be, professionally speaking, on the same field.

What had really happened?

I need to use the dryer more often in case I bump into one of them.

Actually this is the first time I heard of such a thing. I have a friend who was attributed a membership to a dating site and she keeps receiving potential dates who are interested to someone else’s profile.

But finding the person who uses your email address at the same laundry in Paris, is not quiet common. I think.

Was that all?

No, because then, I was addressed by another woman, another American probably. She wanted to know if I was the actress who was playing the role of a French woman in a tv series. She told me I looked so typically French.

I hoped the actress in question was a nice one.

It would have been  if I actually were the actress.

That would have made quiet a group of people at the small laundry place, in downtown Paris.



December 15- Change of Perspective

Dear December,

today I had a meeting with a mentor- he has been organizing successful events for several years, but has evolved a little bit in the margins of the art world that is very closed and codified. How do I know he is a mentor to be? He seemed sincere and not just telling me what I would like to hear.

Now, his main point was that I need to make a difference. Once we have been around a place for a while, we become taken for granted. People stereotype us in a certain way.

It is like a former hair-dresser. I wanted to have longer hair, and she was cutting them short. When I complained she said: ” I just can’t imagine you with longer hair”.

Now, I have long hair, and needless to say, I have lost contact with this lady and her salon for the last years.

Staying with the wannabe boss would have been criminal and I would have been responsible.

But how can we change in the eyes of those who are used to take us for part of the scenery? Let’s say for example, that I am known in the art world as a serious but kind of “amateur” organizer, with interesting ideas but not very high-flying.

How can I change this? How can I attract attention in a positive way?

I need something spectacular, but at the same time something other people can relate to. And something with perspective 🙂

Any ideas?