April 12- Into the woods

April hello again

April 12-“Into the Woods”

I have been ‘Into the Woods” tonight, in other words, to watch Stephen Sodheim’s musical at the theater of Châtelet in Paris. The music so beautiful, but  the script by James Lapine is a form of dilemma:

a. is what we wish what we really want and need?

b. are we happier when we get what we wish for?

Cinderella, Little Red Hood and some other fairy tale heroes are the main characters who face this dilemma.

In the case of Cinderella, that interests me more, she gets married to the prince only to realize that he is unfaithful, superficial and a pure egoist.

So what to do? She quits her job as a princess and decides to get together with a baker who recently lost his wife and raise his child. Oh, and she is ready to go back to her cleaning habits.

Seriously, Stephen and James is that what you wish for us women?

Are you telling me to forget the prince and the artistic projects and practice my cooking skills?

Ok, I admit that a prince that is chosen only because he has power, looks, and wealth, does not guarantee happiness. Once you get used to these attributes, they mean nothing.

So what does true love look like? Does it have to be the baker? Is he in any way “better than” the prince?

What am I looking for?

Feeling good, in every possible way, being completed and complementary, fulfilling a purpose together.

Is what we wish for what we need?

The only way to know is to make my wish come true and if not, then learn from experience and make another wish!